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Friday, December 14, 2007 

Elf'in Funny

For the Love of God do not check this or this out...

...it's my wife's fault!

Please post yours in my comments to restore my manhood...

HA! That was great!

You've got your serial killer face on again, Peak! :)

Saw these last year. They're more fun when you add the whole family!! Thanks for the smile Peak!

Here's another one (for "bad hair" days!!):


Have a Blessed Christmas!

Too confusing for this "air head!" - The "system" didn't like min info (URL) - comment above this one is from Chrys~ Just don't use my "blogger" info - you wouldn't know it was me with that "stuff" anyway!! {paste grin here}

Heh. I've seen a few of these this year, but yours is by far the funniest. And tell the little man he looks awesome in his new glasses.

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