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Monday, December 10, 2007 

Fantasy Golf League '08

With Wyatt's reminder, I set up a fantasy golf league that was quite competitive and full of smack talk last season.

The rules are easy and it's all taken care of by the Yahoo! masterminds who have made fantasy sports much more addictive than they already are. If you think you need to know anything about fantasy sports or about Golf, just ask RT. She romped on me her first season and I've been playing for a few seasons now.

Join on up, it's a fun time...

Group ID#: 1525
Password: peak

All are invited!

Good for what ails ya!

I'm in, bro!

Beauty, invite your buds!

I'll admit my brain wasn't ready for the football league, but I watch sports and keep up with it pretty much.

I'm second overall in my football pool at work.

I'll join in again. :)

Uhhh great... Just don't whoop our behinds as bad as you did last year RT!! *laugh*

Very very nice last several weeks last season hon... good to have you back!

And that girl's hair is as green as the....well, the green.

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