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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 


Peter Hitchens nails it...
The swooning frenzy over the choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States must be one of the most absurd waves of self-deception and swirling fantasy ever to sweep through an advanced civilisation. At least Mandela-worship – its nearest equivalent – is focused on a man who actually did something.
I can't tell you how many people I talked to were brought to tears by Obama's acceptance speech. It's a little bit disturbing actually... Hey, I'm not trying to sound like a cold hearted jerk, although I'm sure my facebook friends will beg to differ, but the level of emotional involvement is awfully scary.

Frankly it's making us look bad to our limey friends across the pond...

Didn't Hitchens go against the grain and support Obama??? Hypocrite.

Although his point is correct.

The dude is a total flake but even flakes can get it right every once in a while...

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