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Sunday, March 22, 2009 

Domestic Terrorist Quiz

Here are 33 questions you can ask yourself.

Beware however:
Should you have committed one of these thought crimes...
well, we'll get to that later...

Just ask yourself... have you now or have you ever- had one of these thoughts cross your mind...

...the rest will take care of itself.

1. Do you believe in a global dictatorship?

...or in other words, do you believe that a "New World Order" is being set up?
well, isn't that obvious by now? Do you really need to be a domestic terrorist to see the obvious?

2. Do you believe there are United Nations (and/or foreign) troops in the US in support of a NWO?

Wouldn't their blue helmets kind of stick out? I haven't seen one lately, I would have remembered how hard I laughed at them.

3. Do you believe Jews control the monetary system and media?

Heh, those crazy joooooooss. I really don't see why any race would desire to lay claim to either of those disasters. Have you seen what's on primetime lately? Or late night? Ahh, that's why BO was on Leno...

4. Did you ever make a move to prepare to the Y2K scare?

You know it! Had a 3 month old just out of the NICU and his twin brother still admitted! Yeah, I admit to having a plan should Brayden be in a hospital that had lost electricity. When I noticed that things went down over Japan ok, I decided not to park in the hospital parking lot. Is that considered a "move to prepare"?

5. Do you believe the Obama administration wants more Gun Control?


6. Do you fear Obama will enact firearm confiscation?


7. Have you ever been in chat rooms on the internet?

No, not ever... what a silly question.

8. Have you ever been seen in public doing community service work?

Does picking up after the schmucks who drop their garbage on the sidewalk in front of the China Wok Chinese buffet right next door to my store count? Then, You Know It dawg!

9. Have you ever supported a third party in politics?

Uhh where's the second party? Uh, I mean, yeah... guilty as charged. Does third party include the Green Party by chance? Just wonderin, cuz those folks are nutty... they need to be watched!

10. Do you have the Gadsden (Don’t Tread on Me) flag?

No, but looking for one, know where I can get an authentic one? Let me know! I'll fly it proudly!

11. Do you have cartoons or bumper stickers of political nature?

Umm, "Don't Steal, The Government Hates Competition" is still sadly clinging for dear life since the day I bought it in a small trucker stop on a Hwy going through Parumph, NV approximately 8 years ago. Then there's this... I'm sure it'll be outlawed soon too.

12. Are you angered by the Federal Reserve or any tax agency (IRS for example)

Yeah it pisses me off... Can't we just eliminate a major expenditure of this country's budget and close down the IRS? Let's just have everyone pay 15% of whatever they make? If a consumption tax is required in addition, I would be game for that as well. Much more fair than telling the wealth creators of our culture- "uhh, give us most of your money dude." I bet that we'd be much more prosperous that way.

13. Are you concerned about the Ammunition Accountability Act?

Whoa, that link is creepy...

14. Are you worried about the collapse of the U.S. due to economic failure?

Who isn't?? Having our country's financial future in the hands of rich bankers should scare the hell out of all of us!! Considered me worried.

15. Are you worried a Con Con (Constitutional Convention) will take away your first and second amendment rights?

Con Con? This sounds more like a dance than a Constitutional event... or am I missing something?

16. Are you against/believe in Obama’s Civil Service Corps?

Whoa... I remember wondering when I turned 18 what would happen if I didn't register with THE selective service. I can see that data base becoming very handy all of a sudden.

17. Are you against RFID human implementation?

I'm too tired from the previous questions to even worry about this one. Just make sure I'm tricked into getting any kind of implementation cuz I'm naturally wired against any type of whatever the hell they're thinking of poking me with.

18. Are you against current abortion policy in any way?

Uhhh yeah... In many ways. And especially against future policies this administration is going to put forth. Not going to post this link... don't look here please... your heart will fall.

19. Are you against Federal Income Taxes because you realize they are Unconstitutional?

I made my stand on this issue already.

20. Have you ever participated in a protest?

Does protesting the shortage of ammo in local firearms shops count? Shoot, even Walmart is out lately...

21. Do you have a short wave radio?

Not yet, but looking forward to becoming licensed soon.

22. Have you ever been to a gun show?

Love 'em. Wish there were more of them!

23. Have you ever been on a social media site?

Are you kidding me? What is this, a question from 1993?

24. Have you ever met in an informal group?

Alright, this is more a personal ad rather than a questionnaire determining the status of one's patriotism isn't it?

25. Have you ever done community service work?

Answered that one earlier too.

26. Are you on the list for a first responder with the local law enforcement?

I would think that the more people on that list the better... but currently? No.

27. Have you ever belonged to a “Committee of Safety"

Does the neighborhood watch count? Does a belonging actually need to be official to care about your neighborhood? Or is it that it needs to be registered with the "officials" that makes it safer... just wondering...

28. Have you ever said or wrote “Molon Labe” (translation, if you have ever uttered the words "They'll take my gun out of my cold dead hands") or displayed it?

I've said worse...

29. Have you ever flown the United States Flag, the Nine Stripes of the Son’s of Liberty, or the First Navy Jack flag?

I fly as many flags that I love as possible.

30. Have you read / watched: Zeitgeist, America: Freedom to Fascism, or the Turner Diaries?

I don't remember, not popping into my memory at the moment... what if I did?

31. Do you Believe in an attempt to create a North American Union?

Isn't that just about official yet? Oh and by the way, if you hit the link contained in the question, you just violated question #30... busted.

32. Do you oppose open borders?

What's the purpose of property lines then?

33. Do you own Gold?

Not enough!!

According to this report, practically EVERYONE is a Domestic Terrorist/ Violent Militia Member.

War has been declared on the American People.

...no wonder we're out of ammo.

That was hilarious (shhhhhhh--I don't want them to think we're on to them).
Our government would never use something like that to ID us (just play along)
I have every confidence in our elected officials (meet me at the safe house, bring the money--I have our out.)

...gotta distract the Black Panther in the tinted out blazer that parks across the street first...

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