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Tuesday, June 05, 2012 

Liberal Fascism at it's best.

What happens when you decide to freely express your opinion in a crowd of so called liberals?
(This is at a Barrett rally hosted by former President Bill Clinton in Milwaukee, WI on Friday June 1st)

When they realize they can't shut you down, in true fascist fashion, they get you arrested-

I became aware of this story through Chicks on the Right blog.

The story can also be seen at The Examiner.

If the insane screaming of "THROW HIM IN JAIL" by these unionized sheeple don't scare the crap out of you, you aren't paying attention.  So much for "liberalism" eh?

This Veteran has identified himself as David Willoughby and has released this statement as found on Chicks on the Right site-
My name is Dave Willoughby. I am the one in the video. Individual liberties are worth fighting for. Don’t sit idle. Share this story with everyone you know in America.


Without being told what I had done, I was handcuffed and escorted off premise. Placed in a squad car and taken to a police station. I asked if I should have my rights read to me and was told “You’re not being arrested.” My personal property was taken from me, I was fingerprinted, mug shot taken and locked in a dark jail cell (lights off) still handcuffed.

I sat in that jail cell, looking out of a meshed wire window, at a large American flag flying in the background. Where am I? How can this be happening? What did I do wrong? I prayed for strength.
When I swore the oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I never realized until recently, how vulnerable our precious freedoms actually are.

I did nothing wrong. There were literally hundreds of cameras at this event. I challenge all media to find one shred of evidence, which would support the actions of the Milwaukee PD officers.

Does Mayor Barrett approve?

Dave Willoughby
Milwaukee, WI
The Recall Election for Governor of Wisconsin is today and if these thugs get their way and throw WI back into debt, back into losing jobs, and back into a higher unemployment rate, we can expect the US to soon go the way of Greece.

Interestingly FOX News anchor Shepard Schmuck err Smith was lamenting the fact that Walker has pulled in so much contribution money from outside Wisconsin, and that this is inherently unfair.

Also inherently unfair and not noted by FOX News (that I have noticed anyway) is the claim that unions are busing people in from outside Wisconsin to vote for Barrett.  Not that this is anything new.

David Willoughby needs our support!

Defend his right to free speech just has he has defended yours through his service in the Marines.


Walker convincingly wins. Union Thuggery wastes more tax dollars (their specialty) with this Recall Election.

Estimates range from 17 Million in wasted $ that could have been used to better those in the state instead of the people having to slap down Unionized whiners AGAIN.

Good for you Wisconsin.

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