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Thursday, June 16, 2005 

124 Pound Catfish!

ALTON, Ill. --Tim Pruitt, of Alton, Ill., holds a 124-pound blue catfish that he hooked on the Mississippi River near Alton. The fish is 58 inches long and 44 inches around. It took Pruitt more than a half-hour to drag the fish into his boat. It is the largest of its kind in state history, and is expected to be certified a world record by the International Game Fish Association. (05/25/05 AP Photo/Handout photo provided by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources)
Now that's a fish story!

UPDATE: June 30th

How's this for a catfish, makes the other one look like a shrimp!

DANG!!! Now that's a FISH!!! You know it had too of given one hell of a fight. I would like to know how long he has been a live.
OOPs my bad "how long he/she has been alive?

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