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Friday, July 08, 2005 

Bayh targets China

By Julie Patel

Mercury News
Sen. Evan Bayh slammed China for manipulating its currency to help cheapen its exports. He defended the United States for refusing to sign an international agreement to reduce greenhouse emissions. He urged American leaders to crack down on countries that are violating intellectual property rights.

What the Indiana Democrat wouldn't say at a Rotary Club of San Jose meeting Wednesday is whether he's running for president.

``I am thinking about it,'' he said. ``I haven't finally decided.''...

...Bayh, 49, said he voted against the United States signing the Kyoto Protocol -- which requires developed member countries to significantly reduce greenhouse emissions by 2012 -- because developing countries such as China and India would not be impacted even though they are some of the world's fastest-growing economies. He said that is the same problem with China violating intellectual property rights, which is helping it become more efficient and more competitive than the United States in many areas.

He also blasted China for manipulating its currency to keep it undervalued. Doing this makes a country's exports cheaper and provides an unfair advantage.

``It's cheating,'' he said.

Bayh said the United States has less leverage holding countries such as China accountable to international trade standards as the United States spirals into debt.

``Our legacy to our children -- mine and yours -- should be more than unpaid bills,'' he said.

Bayh -- who became governor of Indiana at age 32, one of the youngest in the nation's history -- helped create 375,000 jobs in the state and amassed a budget surplus of $1.6 billion, according to the Web site of All America, his political action committee. He has more than $6 million left over from his last campaign, and the political action committee has raised money, too, Pfeiffer said.

Rhetoric sure sounds good... Wonder if there is any substance to it.
He's got me listening!

Where do the real Conservatives stand on China?

Senator Bayh is going to steal independent voters like me in the next presidential election with a record like his. Perhaps I should convert to Democrat soon just so I can vote in the Primary where he's sure to contend with Hillary Clinton. She has too many mind-numbed robots following her who will vote for her regardless what she stands for.

Looks to be an interesting political season on the horizon.

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