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Sunday, July 03, 2005 

Confucius Say...

Confucius Say, Fourth of July is very American Holiday...

Uhhh, thanks Confuc, here's some poker chips, see ya at the bar later, although you're lookin a bit stoned bro, may wanna lay off of the pipe.

Alright, sorry, that was pretty lame.

The family and I are spending our Fourth of July weekend in Provo Utah this year with some of my wife's cousins who are absolutely gracious hosts. (Or nutz if you consider that they've let my wife, I, and our five kids all stay at their house for 4 days!)

One thing that stands out about this area of the country is the zeal and love of this holiday by what seems to be every neighborhood we drove through. The Flags are flying, the firecrackers bursting, and the grills smoking. All the local businesses have their windows painted and signs up wishing blessings upon this country. The streets have American Flags draped on every lamp post and street corner.

It is this backbone of patriotism in the small neighborhood towns that make this country great and proud. Despite what the boneheads in DC do, these people will always love and stand up for their country.

We're all good and sunburned and leg weary after our trek around Utah yesterday hitting pools and 4th of July celebrations. All of which culminated in an absolutely incredible 45 minute long firework tribute to America's Independence at BYU's Edwards stadium. It was breath taking and very well named, "Stadium of Fire".

Confucius say, get rest young ones, for tomorrow is actual 4th of July and you have much swimming, baseball, football, volleyball, bbq'ing, and firework watching to go. Hey, he wasn't considered one of the greatest philosophers of all time for nuttin!

God Bless this Great Country.
Whadd'ya say Confuc?

Happy 4th, Friend.

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