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Thursday, July 21, 2005 

Unknown Number of Suspects

4 more homemade 'bombs' went off in Downtown London again, thankfully only injuring one thus far.

Washington Post has the story HERE...

To find out what went wrong, why the bombs didn't fully go off... for more successful future bombings? SKY NEWS has the story here... but here's a snippet:
Security sources have told Sky News that a high explosive was found on the bus, similar to that used in the July 7 attacks.

They said the strong smell of acetone would have sparked fears of a chemical attack.

And the smell indicated that the explosives had been made up incorrectly, with too much acetone and not enough peroxide.
Thanks for the tip Sky

We're told that there are an 'Unknown Number of Suspects' that the British Police are looking for... I have a tip, start with THESE PEOPLE who practically rioted in the streets of London only a couple months ago! Sounds like a good place to start.

Otherwise THIS is going to become routine.

Oh, and don't worry...
Mr. Blair calls for calm... Phew, I feel relieved!

UPDATE: Jul 21, 11:17 PM EDT
Two Arrested in London Subway, Bus Blasts
By DANICA KIRKA Associated Press Writer

LONDON (AP) -- Police in London have arrested two men in connection with four attacks on three subway trains and a double-decker bus on Thursday, a scene hauntingly similar to deadly explosions set off by four suicide bombers exactly two weeks before. It was an inescapable message that life in London now means living with the threat of terror.

The explosive devices were either faulty or too small to cause bloodshed, and the only reported injury turned out to be an asthma attack. But the lunch-hour blasts rattled a capital already on edge after the July 7 explosions, which killed 52 people and four suicide bombers.

Police said one man was detained near Downing Street, site of the prime minister's residence; the other was picked up near Tottenham Court Road, close to the Warren Street subway station where one attack took place.

"We can't minimize incidents such as this," Prime Minister Tony Blair said. "They're done to scare people, to frighten them and make them worried."

They did that.
Yeah, so what's going to happen when this starts in NYC?
Are we going to hear our politicians plead to stay calm?
Good luck...

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