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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

Jury Selection for Vang

Almost a year ago this story surfaced about the Hmong immigrant who killed 6 hunters and severely hurt 2 others in a hunting skirmish in Wisconsin.

The Mainstream Media seemed completely hands off of the story, perhaps because of his race? (Is this not how racism is defined?) Yet, had it been one of those lilly white boys up in Northern Wisconsin, dude would be a household name as the MSM would drill it into our heads constantly for 24 hours a day.

Apparently immigrants are exempt from committing so called hate crimes (despite the fact that a couple of the guys he killed were hunted down and shot in the back!)

ROBERT IMRIE from The Associated Press reports from Hayward, WI:
A year after six deer hunters were shot to death in a confrontation with a Hmong immigrant, jurors are being selected in a college town 300 miles to the south of this north woods community.

Eyewitnesses and friends of the dead man portray the slayings as cold-blooded, while the defendant says he was shot at first and acted in self-defense after the hunters tormented him with profanity and racial insults.
Can you imagine justifying hunting people down and shooting them in the back because of profane insults? There wouldn't be a whole lot of people left walking around.

Not only that but they're going to bring in jurors from the most 'liberal' area of Wisconsin, Madison, because you know those crackers in N. WI. just ain't got no sense eh? *rolling my eyes*
Jury selection was moved to Dane County- home of the state Capitol and the University of Wisconsin-Madison because of concern about pretrial publicity and possible racial animosity. The jurors will be bused to Hayward for testimony.
Had this been said about any other community besides a predominantly white one, it would be considered racist in itself! Would anyone like a shot of Double Standard on the house?
Vang told authorities the white hunters used racial slurs before Willers fired the first shot as Vang walked away, with the bullet hitting the ground 30 to 40 feet behind him, court records said. By Vang's account, he fired 10 to 13 shots from his semiautomatic rifle. Willers was one of two hunters who was wounded but survived.

The only threat from the hunters, the survivors said, was their promise to report Vang to state game wardens for trespassing. And the only shot fired at Vang, they said, was fired by Hesebeck after he was already wounded and some of his friends lay dead or dying.

People in Rice Lake want closure to the tragedy, Jarvela said.

"I got to believe that if those guys wanted to fire on him with the intent of hurting him, they wouldn't have missed," Jarvela said. "Even if they did shoot, it would have been on the ground or in the air just to scare him possibly. They said they didn't fire. So that's good enough for me."
Updates will follow as story continues to develop.

C'mon Peakah. Everyone knows Vang was engaged in deep, diverse multicultural communion with nature, when the evil white hunters disturbed his Chi.

His well honed Dung fu instincts took over in an ancient form of autopilot.

Just ask is ACLU lawyer. He will explain it all to the jury.

The "White Man" will receive no justice at the ballot box

As Bugs Bunny would say, "Only a big, fat rat wouls shoot a guy . . . in da back!"

Maybe Vang (is he Klingon?) took the film "The Deer Hunter" a bit too literally?

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