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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 

So, Whad'I Miss?

Ok, So I got home Saturday night and just haven't had the heart, till now, to pay much attention to the maddening current of current event news coverage. Still got my head in the Hawaiian clouds...

...not to mention the food, man is that stuff sweet! I found the local Hawaiian restaurant right away and made some new friends.

Gotta get my mind out of my stomach, so I'm wondering what have I missed in the world of talk radio, internet news, and the good ole blog-o-sphere...

I'm kinda glad that I've missed this whole Cindy Sheehan fiasco. Man, what an embarassment to humankind this woman is. Ya still can't help but feel sorry for her ya know? ...Anyway...

Doc is on an entrepreneurial tear with his swag shop. Don't worry, he gives his sweat shop workers free annual prostate exams.

Mensa Barbie has a deeply profound piece linked to her post here. Thanks for the ps warning, I found myself needing to rely on it.

Kira Zalan explores the birth pains of an Iraqi Constitution as well as shedding light on why nationalism amongst Iraqis (if there is such a thing as an Iraqi) may be impossible.

CUG had me rolling on the floor with his Gay List.

Savage blows the doors off of the 9/11 Commission findings with this story about the covert operation "Able Danger"

Pundit Review interviews Michael Yon over WRKO out of Boston. Get to know this man Mr. Yon! He is doing some amazing work and you can get to know him better with this radio interview... well worth the couple minutes!

Basil's Blog is always good for a nice meal.

Can't forget this dude who got the Hug of a Lifetime...

I'm gonna need a few days to catch up!

The Able Danger story is something else, eh?? Surprised? Hardly..

WELCOME HOME!! Sounds like you had a good trip, or at least ate well.

Welcome back I hope you weren't attacked by Japanese while you were there.

Thanks for the trackback!
Welcome back! :)

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