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Friday, August 19, 2005 

Ask America!

It wasn't too long ago that I received a call from a phone banker for the GOP. I wasn't ashamed to express how I felt on particular issues which resulted in a bunch of uhhhhh's and ooohhh's- basically a dead line.

Now I got in my hot little hands
"Ask America 2005 Nationwide Policy Survey".

Anyone else receive one of these? It's on nice think paper, has a faux CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT stamp on the front, wow, I must really be special!

First things first, when I open the first page, there's a "Survey Certification and Reply" section asking me to give my most generous contribution to help pay for this 'historic survey project'.

Anyway... I wanted to toss out some of these questions to you and see your replies if you were to send this back (which I plan to do with a few of my own little heartfelt desires)
QUESTION #2: Do you think American troops should pursue terrorists and their leaders even if it means going into countries where we are not invited?
I figured that we have an open invitation to any terrorist supporting regime. If not, who needs an invitation?
QUESTION #4: How confident are you that the newly created Department of Homeland Security will be able to keep America safe from future terrorist attacks?
Everything I needed to say about this I said HERE.
QUESTION #7: Do you think our government is doing enough to secure America's borders against foreign terrorists?
Is this question serious???
QUESTION #27: What do you see as the major cause of the decline in America's education?
I think I'll lean back, wind up, and take a swing... WHACK!
And just for good measure, POW!!!
Can you believe the attitude of kids these days???
QUESTION #34: Do you support President Bush's Emergency Plan for AIDS relief, a five-year $15 billion initiative to turn the tide in combating the global HIV/AIDS pandemic?
Yeah, I think filling the war chests of dictatorial regimes massacring it's own citizens by the millions is an outstanding idea. You think 15 billion dollars is going to be spent on stemming the spread of AIDS? Fat chance.

And finally...
QUESTION #56: In your opinion, how does the federal government best function?
-When one party controls both the White House and Congress?
-When one party controls the White House and another party controls Congress?
-When control of Congress is split between both parties?
-No Opinion
Too too easy... When it is in Recess.

You mean it took all this time to reach you. This looks like another typical pre-2001 form. (*,,,,*)
(excellent answers. b.t.w.)

That's a great idea for a post! Never woulda occured to me as I just throw the stuff out.

I'm not kidding. If the Republicans continue to sit on their hands, I will personally chop up my RNC card, scan it, and post the results.

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