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Friday, March 31, 2006 

The Revolution Begins

Thanks to DPGI for this link...

Click on image to see more images that the mainstream media is keeping from the American public. These images make it obvious that they have no interest in becoming an American.

Welcome to Nuevo Mexico...

Here's a great line from a Washington Times Op-Ed:
It was gut-wrenching (which in my case is a substantial event) to watch the senators prattle on in their idle ignorance concerning the manifold economic benefits that will accrue to the body politic if we can just cram a few million more uneducated illegals into the country. ( I guess ignorance loves company.)
Adios Americana...

Ssssteve is fumin with flair!
I wasn't going to even say anything because every one seems to have already posted something on it. But that post of Peakahs really got my ire up!! Who do you think you are? Coming here and crapping on the citizens of this awesome country! GO HOME!!

Nice. VERY nice. And I was pissed off about the waving of the Mexican flag.

::stalks off waving arms around and muttering::


Why does anyone listen to anything these idiots say?

Are they trying to incite anger and rage from the American people?

Looks like the War on Terror should be fought right hear in our back yard. If I remember my history, we purchased the land did we not? Or was it just acquired after the Spanish American war?
Either way, this is screwed up; I may need to do some re-loading this weekend….

Peakah, only the Grace of God kept me from strangling the guy that cleaned off my table tonight. He didn't speak a lick of english! Especially after I read that post!!!! I am so stinking upset!!

DP: I'm feelin ya!

fm: cuz their idiots too

DPT: if that's their aim, they've accomplished their goal

Nate: I don't think this is tantamount to terrorism... just a bunch of ignoramouses taking advantage of getting out of school where they could be learning their history and the language... that's assuming of course that it is still taught.

Ssss: I don't fault immigrants who don't know the language, I get pissed at those who enable those who REFUSE to learn the language by allowing them to suck off of our welfare system rather than doing that which would advance them in the greatest society humans have yet to set up.

Don't get me wrong... I actually don't mind peaceful protest of national policy... assuming of course that they are actually standing on a principal. Allow them to define themselves I say! It's the American way!

What makes me absolutely batsh!t crazy is seeing all of the teens who are taking advantage of this situation to skip school- with the complete aiding and abetting by their teachers and school administrations who will do nothing to punish this idiocy- without a clue of what they're actually standing for.

Even today there are roads closed here in Vegas because of the gathering of these idiots who are just milling around and causing problems. It took every ounce of energy in me to keep from driving to these areas with my big ole Excursion and mowing those morons down just for sport.

I'm sorry but I think the days of America are numbered if not over already. Get enrolled spanish classes people... you're going to need them- like it or not.

One trouble with the world is that so many people who stand up vigorously for their rights fall down miserably on their duties.

BE DARING (think for five minutes - just how wacky the following sounds - yet how logical it could be when wacky demands are offered.

Common sense has vanished. When the protest was carried to the interstate - that was an opportunity to "dragnet" groups for breaking the no pedestrians laws. A chance to locate illegals.

Assemble INS, reserve, state police as a unit under a joint command. (you'd think a leader of one of these organizations should be able to think on their feet long enough to assign tasks?!?)

Pull up duce and 1/2 trucks (good enough for our military) take them to a designated stadium - pass out water and a McDonald hamburger (so they are not being deprived subsistence).

Ask for ID - no ID? - give them four hours to have a relative bring it or do a normal driver license test.

STILL no ID? - load them back on the duce and 1/2 truck - drop them off at the border of their nationality (usually an easy determination).

In the least - it would serve to make them less likely to pull such stunts as they walk or hitch their way back to where they THINK they are entitled to live?! ;-D

Everyone knows that (like Clinton's driver?) there are already adequate laws available to deter a large percentage of illegals to stay in the States; but, no one wants to "put-the-hammer" down on our employers.

Sitting around and watching this is not acceptable. These actions are insulting other people who've come here legally. Some of these honest - proud people serve the coalition in our military. Why should they do this - when they can walk over the board and stay un-pressured?!?

As a nation, we should not be giving tax dollars for illegal health care, education, and often housing etc. that hard working citizens (ALL LEGAL immigrants at some point) can not afford for themselves and their families due to payment of taxes.

Must have been the Guinness! ;-)

Countries with walls become or stay strong - where is our wall (cameras are cheap now - send the boarder patrol as needed)? Southern California through Texas - "wall up and camera" (sounds like "lock and load.")

I've actually heard that Mexico is not half as kind as us to their illegals from their southern border?

OK - quit laughing - this all just makes me think too much and people don't think 100% when they're angry!

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