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Friday, January 28, 2005 

Is there a More Insignificant Representative?

If ever there was a poster boy for a desperate and dying political party... There's good ole boy, Ted Kennedy. His pathetic, historical contextless rhetoric is evidence of the Democrat's absolute loss of reality and desperate attempt to grasp at every last ignorant Michael Moore disciple available at a time when we're on a crossroads of humanity and history-making in the Middle East.

Here's some snippets from this whiskey enbalmed imbecile;
"The US military presence has become part of the problem, not part of the solution," Kennedy said in a speech at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies.
Does anyone else see the irony of his speaking to the 'School of Advanced International Studies'? *laugh* This is rich!
"We thought that victory on the battlefield would lead to victory in the war, and peace and democracy for the people of Vietnam," Kennedy said. "We did not understand that our very presence was creating new enemies and defeating the very goals we set out to achieve. We cannot allow that history to repeat itself."
Exactly what 'history' is he speaking of anyway? Could it be the liberal policy of leaving the South Vietnamese to be slaughtered by the millions after our abrupt pullout of Vietnam in the late seventies, leaving them vulnerable and defenseless?
Kennedy praised the troops' performance in the combat theater, attributing what he called the current quagmire to the administration's "catastrophic failure" to adequately prepare for battle or convince Iraqis that the US presence in Iraq would not be permanent. "Error is no excuse for perpetuation," he said.
I wonder if this intellectual genius has the guts to stand in front of our troops and make his case rather than venting his frustrations of his party's insignificancies in front of a bunch of tired beaurocrats.

Praising the troops while calling their mission a 'catastrophic failure' is further evidence of his idiotic duplicity. No where in his rant is there a case made with factual evidence for exactly how this is an administrative failure. The fact is we've done in Iraq what dictators all around the world feared most... Giving power to the citizens of Iraq.

Representatives like Ted Kennedy is why the Democrat party will not win any future elections unless there is a major change in their party's leadership, including him.

The American public is not nearly as ignorant as he thinks it is...

Ted Kennedy lost it long ago. 'Nuff said.

Even the Democrats are starting to edge away from his stupid ideas, which should mean something.

And the comparison to Vietnam - UGH.

Stop blogging right now!

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