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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 

Let the War over the Supreme Court Begin!

Seems as if Prez Bush is going to nominate a Pro-Life judge, John G. Roberts Jr. for O'Connor's seat in the Supreme Court about an hour from now.

You know what this means...

All Out War in every media way shape and form against this man. The Borking process is about to begin.

Updates to follow as news develops...

Roberts Is The Man

First reactions by Reid, Frist, NARAL, Hillary, Boxer, Durbin, Schumer, Leahy, Hastert, etc...

Judge Roberts stance on Roe vs Wade...Read here

ABC News with some background on the man...
Roberts Had Bumpy Road to Federal Bench

No support from the Alliance for Justice...

Wizbang with Bush Chooses Federal Judge...

Beth at MVRWC has a great breakdown with John Roberts nominated for SCOTUS

Transcript from the Press Conference

I loved Schumer's reaction. He didn't vote for Roberts for Circuit Court because he didn't answer some of Schumer's questions. Schumer promised to ask the same questions this time around. And I'm just sure Chuck's inquisitions will come down from on high. What an ass!

BTW, thanks for the link. Right back atcha!

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