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Monday, August 01, 2005 

Contribution Request

Ironically I was called by a Republican Party phone bank worker who was obtaining pledges for contributions. (Ironic in light of my last post)

I'm making breakfast for the kids and the phone rings...
*RING* Hello? McPeak's country kitchen, may I take your order?

--uhh, hello, can I talk with... Mr. Mick eek, uhh, I'm calling on behalf of the Republican Party and wanted to inform you that the Democrats are getting ready for war, they want Hillary Clinton to be their president and we all know how horrible that will be for our Country. Sir, people from around the country are contributing to the Republican Party to keep this from happening... can I commit you to $100 Mr. Mick phreak?

Easy there tiger... If in fact Hillary Clinton becomes president, I could probably finally expect my 'conservative' representatives to represent me again. They don't seem to be doing so unless they are out of power. Why would I want to contribute to the current lax attitude in Washington DC?

--Oh, well, because we all know what will happen if Hillary becomes president! It would be disasterous! Nobody wants that!

I'll tell ya what my friend. As soon as I see our southern border close up I'll consider being a contributor again. What exactly is the purpose of the Dept of Homeland Security if our borders are open?

--But, but, Hillary could be president!!! We can't allow this to happen!!

Make a note and give it to your supervisor, no money until the borders tighten up.

--*deep sigh* Thank you for your time Mr. Mick teak, *click*
I hope that I wasn't the first or last of those he called with that message.

What the hell is so hard with pronouncing McPeak?

That was a GREAT! Response! Good Point on the Homeland Security comment.
One suggestion, if they call again, answer them in a “Billy Joe Bob Ray” accent.
Or even better try an Indian accent, and talk about the boarders. That would really mess with their heads.
Never the less you are Correct!!


Beautiful. I scrawled out a similar rant on the last snail mail solicitation from the RNC. This is what I get for my support? Marcellus Wallace got better treatment, over sawhorse, in Pulp fiction.

My thoughts exactly. It's good that you even took the time.
(Five gold stars for you!)
Believe it or not, last week, received a call from the gallop Poll!!
(I feel guilty I made a lame excuse.)


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