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Saturday, July 30, 2005 

Sarkozy gets a Clue

France ejects 12 Islamic 'preachers of hate'

Nicolas Sarkozy, France's Interior Decorator...
oh, wait, I mean Minister is blessed with a revelation!

From on high he comes to the conclusion that militant Islamic Imams are bad for France! It's a miracle that of all countries to come to this conclusion that it would be the French... the meek shall indeed inherit the Earth eh? Anyway...

Unfortunately for him, the only audience he could muster were the tips if his right fingers.

I saw that article on Drudge and was going to comment on it but couldn't think of a good tagline. Looks like you did. Love the "only audience was his fingers" bit.

I just can't believe the French... Even one of them would actually use common sense for a change.

Definately good one! Have to remember that fingers line...(just kidding.)
Yeah, many French-Arab marriages have produced an entire generation of youth lacking solid identity.
Within current sociopolitical climate, there's an idology shift of a democratic society, to the slow wish to adopt a centralized autocratic government. (very sad and volatile)

I think the Dutch have been quietly kicking out the identified extremists out of the Netherlands for the past couple of years... since that director/artist was murdered.

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