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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

The Media's War on Christianity

Is there any wonder why reasonable people see the idiocy of leftists' view of the relationship between religion and American Culture? If there's anything those useful idiots (especially Krugman from the NYT) are good at, it's distorting the context in which religion and American society are married.

Their misplaced anger and resentments are very well demonstrated in an excellent post by Danny Carlton at JackLewis.net.

Thankfully intelligent Americans are perceiving these religiophobes as the court jesters they are. Lacking in common sense, context, and historical perspective.

Apparently they are pleasing somebody (gee, I wonder who) in the hierarchy otherwise they would be worthy of nothing more than the selling of fake watches on a street corner in Times Square at best.

But to what end? What is their end game? Is the destruction of spiritual thought and speech that important in the implementation of their Socialist Utopia? Apparently so, for they seem to invest a lot of passion in this quest.

As I see it, there seems to be some need to artificially fill a void present in their soul created by the carcinogenic effects of hatred for that which hints of the Supernatural. They seem to hate that which would bring them internal peace.

Why is it assumed that because religion has been used throughout history as a method of control by tyrannical leaders mean that it must still exist today in our own culture? It's as if atheist regimes (aka Communism) are preferable. How in the world can one come to that conclusion unless there's some order of mental problems or spiritual vacuum?

Exactly what values are being forced down their throats by those who are not ashamed to express their spiritual selves? Those who have the drive to speak of spiritual matters with others are typically the most peaceful of those amongst us.

As far as I can tell, I have freewill and the opportunity to worship or not as I see fit and there's no governmental institution set up to take that away from me provided it is not illegal, immoral, or as Dr. Laura would say, fattening.

It is beyond me why these minions of darkness are so zealously driven to push this agenda of erasing all notions of religion from the public collective consciousness. Is it so that they can feel justified in their self-loathing? Is this not infinitely more destructive than the expression of ones personal religious views?

I just don't get it, yet it seems as if this is the hill they want to die on...

Unfortunately for them, that time will come but ironically not by those who are so called 'Religious'... It will be by those whom they are assisting to power.

(trackbacked to Mudville Gazette's- Open Post, and Basil's Blog - Breakfast 7-28-05)

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