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Wednesday, August 03, 2005 

Evacuation Getting Ugly

This evacuation of the Gaza Strip is going to get much more ugly before it gets better. How would you react if you were told you had to leave your home because some beaurocrats thought that if some terrorists were just appeased then life would get back to normal. Oh, and by the way, pack up your things, you're moving out...

These jewish settlers of the Gaza Strip aren't having any of it. Over 50,000 are gathering (as I write this) in Sderot, Negev:
About 50,000 Israelis congregated here in Sderot, a Negev town 12 miles south of Gaza's Gush Katif slate of Jewish communities, to protest the Aug. 17 evacuation and attempt to march toward the Katif entrance.
Uh oh, the natives are restless... send in the Commandos!
But wait... we have these imbeciles that the commandos should be targeting but considering their aim, perhaps they should be left alone to knock eachother off...
As the speeches were ending, Hamas fired a Qassam rocket in the direction of the Sderot rally, but it landed a few kilometers south and killed a Palestinian.
Freaking Idiots, serves 'em right. I'm sure the death of the perhaps completely innocent Palistinian will in one way or another be blamed on the gathering of the 50,000 in the march.

This is going to be really really ugly.

FOXNews with more of the story...

Linked by NIF ... thanks brah! Also linked to Mudville Gazette...

Getting Uglier by the minute... Jewish shooter left anti-evacuation letter

I'm afraid you are correct...
Your view-point (as usual)is right on target. (pardon the expression)
Hope they don't fly our Condi into that.

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