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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 

Evacuation Underway

Aug. 17: Trying to shame Israeli troops, a settler holds up her baby in front of soldiers waiting to evict the settlers.

UPDATE: 8/18, from Drudge: Israeli Riot Police Storm Gaza Synagogue

UPDATE: 8/18 4pm EST from WND: Settlers concede: 'We lost the battle'

I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around this madness on the Gaza Strip.

One thing that isn't difficult to understand is that this plan that may have appeased some political leaders, is only going to further legitimize the method of terrorism as a political tool to twist the arms of sissies with bureaucratic power.

How long until the Commandos are unleashed... or are they already?

And after the Jews are expelled from the West Bank and Gaza Strip...

(which aren't the same place- which is news to the moron news anchors who are only trained to read teleprompters)

...and all the greenhouses, agricultural fields, and industries are turned over to the Palestinians, as thanks for not setting off as many suicide bombs as they presumably could have I guess, what's going to happen to these areas?

Is the Palestinian 'leadership' truly going to attempt in the setting up of a peaceful nation living side by side with its natural born enemy? Get real, of course not. The Palestinian Leadership is as fractured amongst itself as they are against the State of Israel.

Killing Jews is the only thing that unites them.

Good thing though that the great General Sharon, who was put in office to avoid exactly what is going on right now, is taking a page from the infuriating American politicians playbook by feeling 'heartbroken'. How reassuring.

Apparently some Jews feel as if they're left with no other recourse...
Nidam said the woman who burned herself carried a sign reading, "Impose a closure on the media, destroy the disengagement, put Sharon before a military court."

See Beth at MVRWC with an excellent post- Rewards for Terrorism.
Wyatt with his own (aptly named) response- (West) Bank Robbery.

Good post with very interesting points, Peakah.
There’s an interesting dichotomy here, in the cast of characters of our little World that continues to recycle. Israel continues the part of the persecuted.
It would make sense to me that if the Iraqi people and Israeli were to trade places, placing Iraqis near their Arab cousins, Iraq would be a Peaceful, productive flourishing country in less than three years. (Which proves that creative and quality people can never loose, because wherever they must go, they take this with them.)
Very good post.

I totally agree. I posted about this, too.

Welcome back, Peakah.

Great post, even though it's a sad story.

Excellent post, Peakah.

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