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Thursday, August 04, 2005 

Oil War

Several months ago I expressed my concern for the next global race over a finite Oil supply.

It's too easy to dismiss this dilemma to a lack of domestic drilling. There is so much more to this debate.

It's time for a new Manhattan Project.

Our generation, like it or not, will be the ones to solve this problem. (Thanks Alan, where'd ya go?)

Ok, I know that the Christian Science Monitor is not much more than bird cage lining, but this is a story that, for a very good reason, resonates with me.
Although a Chinese oil company withdrew its bid for a major US-based energy producer this week, the effort put America on notice: China and other nations have launched a concerted push to secure access to oil and natural gas, and the United States must consider how to respond.

It's probably too strong to call it a pipeline-and-tanker version of a global arms race - in fact, that's precisely what many world leaders hope to avoid.
To deny this dilemma is to stick your head in the sand.

Thankfully we have an oil driven administration in power, like it or not. This is going to be an issue that our kids deal with if we don't.

Instead of racing to the highest number of nukes, it'll be a race to the highest number of oil barrels in reserve. The time is now...

(linked to Mudville Gazette's Open Post
and Outside the Beltway- Beltway Traffic Jam)

I dearly hope the possibility of successful sonofusion or magnetic plasma constriction pans out.It's not the scandalous lie that cold fusion was. This could be the real thing. With cheap synthetic fuel synthesis, we could tell the oil barons to go take a bath.

Thanks bro, this is what I'm hoping for!

>Excellent and great info, here! (^_^)
I think we can be sureIt's my belief that anything that will alter US markets and our buying power, including energy deals involving US companies, all the way down to consumer...Washington will restrict, restrict, restrict!
Oh, & wow, I really do hope these synthetic substitutes pan out also!Not so much for cost (gov. will surely regulate cost to balance oil prices) rather it would meet our needs.
Ps: I like the C.S. Monitor as they seem to resource their material from those not under fire to respond. (They keep it real.) (^_^) Again, excellent article!
(this post is tooooo long sorry)

The waste into oil is now a reality, these guys are now producing and selling oil, albiet on a limited scale.


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