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Monday, September 26, 2005 

My New Look is Here

Well here we go, Jaden Kale kicked butt having it look exactly like I envisioned it plus adding some things that I didn't even think of (the Family Crest after each post, classic!)

So, let me know what you think! Anything you notice I should have tweaked here or there? If so, lemme know! I'm excited to have an original looking site rather than the blogger stock background. I hope it makes ya feel more at home... it does me!

All right y'all, welcome and help yourself to the comment section,
it's currently open bar...

The layout will expand and contract based on the size of your pictures (that's why the one side of the layout seems wider on the top photo, than the other side)

Looks great tho! When you get the pictures on photobucket, they will load a little faster too. 2and2.net does load a bit slow. The other thing I can do to help that Peakah is resave that main picture as a gif and it will cut down the download time by about 30%. Thanks for letting me work on it. It was a blast.

Wow, and I do mean WOW!

Jaden, you've outdone yourself! I thought the work you did on my layout was fantastic (and still do), but OMG, this is GREAT.

You are a amazing!

Josh, it all says you and I believe it fits you like a glove.

Well done. :)

I'm loving it too...

I'm just hoping that GunnNutt doesn't think that it looks too much like hers! I noticed that today when visiting over there! Any similarities are totally coincidental, unless I'm subliminally influenced by your site!

Peak, this new layout is awesome!!! It reminds me of salt water taffy and Kate in a schoolgirl outfit. Kidding! It really looks terrific, and Jaden is a genius. Pay her well.

Schweet Layout Peakah and Jaden! My pathetic dialup took a long time to load it though. (I hope it gets cached.)



Seriously, what a pleasant surprise!

Thank you thank you...

Wyatt: I owe her my next born! Well, that may be a stretch but she spent a lot of time on it!

Insol: I'll try and tweak it some more to make it a bit smaller for you still in the dial up stone age...

Damian: thanks man, I'm quite proud...

My, what a big header you have!

This is great! And yeah, I did have to look at my tartan to see if it was the same. Thought maybe we were some kinda weird cousins.

Very unique. You've set a new standard for us Blogger buds. Congrats!

I figured out the problem of the layout stretching.. http://www.truefresco.org the fresco links are stretching the bar down the side due to their coding (that is something I can't alter)

took me long enough to figure it out! (especially when I saw that your layout would go back the way it should when I went to read individual posts or the comments.) You might want to talk to them about that issue because that's something in their coding that won't allow me to alter it or make it conform to the layout.

a4g, thanks for that support on the download time. Everyone's will be a little different based on the connection and whatever else they are running at the time. Also nice to see the 1600 X 1200 makes it look real good. I code in 1024 X 768 so I am curious as to how it looked in other views. Good to know, a4g!

Awesome look, but unbelievably slow loading on dial up. Not good for visitors who aren't determined to be here. I'm willing to wait, others won't be so forgiving.

Like a good Guinness pour... it takes time.

I Love it!!!It is a very nice reflection of You!!! (^_^)

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