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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 


In a rare display of common sense, Homeland Security talking head Michael Chertoff declares a crackdown on illegal immigration!

Found this on MSNBC's site:
Chertoff vows to get tough on illegal migration.

WASHINGTON - Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff promised Tuesday to end the "catch and release" policy that has allowed tens of thousands of non-Mexican illegal aliens to disappear within the United States.

"Return every single illegal entrant - no exceptions," Chertoff said in prepared testimony to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on proposals to overhaul the immigration system.

Chertoff was joined by Labor Secretary Elaine Chao in presenting administration views on the illegal immigrant problem. He said President Bush remains committed to a comprehensive approach including gaining control of the border, enforcing workplace laws and establishing a temporary worker program.
Only took 4 years after the worst attack on American soil to figure this out? Or are they finally bowing to the pressures conservatives have been exerting.

Naaa, it's because there's a Clintonista waiting in the wings who is prepared to take this issue and run with it, at least for her campaign. There will be no border policy change under Madam Hillary but that doesn't mean she can't use the issue to win the Presidency! It will be the defining issue of the next presidential race, no doubt.

Oh, but wait, Congress is sooooooooo busy;
Immigration issues will be pushed off;

On Monday, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, a leading proponent of changing immigration policy, said the Judiciary Committee, now occupied with Supreme Court nominations and other issues, won't put together an immigration bill until at least January.

That would push the politically sensitive issue into an election year, adding another factor of difficulty in getting a bill through Congress.
I smell a limp spine...

Get off your a$$e$ and protect our country you partisan hacks, or you will be tossed out on your keester soon to be hawking fake rolexes on the street corner, assuming they are qualified to do so.

"Return every single illegal entrant - no exceptions," Chertoff said...

I thought at first this was an April Fools joke. Then I was excited about it, then I read your analysis and got dejected. Politics, pure and simple.

If there's one major thing I DESPISE about Bish, it's this. Currently, it takes the U.S. NINETY DAYS to ship this scum back over the border. NINETY DAYS!!! Enough time to meet a few islamofascists, create a plan, andbuild the bomb before returning to Guadalajara. Friggin' unreal.

My friend Kevin lives in Tucson and keeps beggin me to move there to join the Border Patrol and "shoot illegals crossing the border." It's tempting.

We'll see what happens.

Thanks fo the insight, Peakah!by

Great post Peakah. I'd go so far as to trade the word spineless to the word insane. Even on a political note, I can't believe they're going to leave this issue for 'the beast' to act on.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

No matter what, I'd NEVER vote for Hillbilly err...Hillary!!

On a side note...do you think the new ABC series, Commander-in-Chief is a sad attempt at trying to get America ready for a female President...namely Hillbilly Clinton?

Gunn: what would you expect from our fearless leaders?

Seans: total downer that they use this issue as manipulation.

Wyatt: tempting but felonious

CUG: thanks for checkin in! You're a busy man.

Uber: they care only for themselves and their political positioning.

d.maria: 'Hillbilly' LMAO
Commander in Chief a setup to soften the public perception of a Hillary run for prez? Do you mean to insinuate that the MSM tries to affect elections??

I just can't imagine...

I'll believe it when I see it. I remain skeptical.

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