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Friday, November 11, 2005 

Veterans Day Links


On the way to the parade we listened to President Bush deliver a powerful Veterans Day speech. Here's the transcript.

Took the kiddies to an awesome parade this georgeous afternoon.

I love the military culture and pride Las Vegas takes in recognizing those who have preserved freedom for our society. These are our True Heros.

Links to more photos: Here, Here, Here, Here, Here.

You've gotta love the Chi'town cops in the Vegas Parade!

This appeared overhead:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Which shows the admiration we have for these men:

Now it's linkfest for those respecting Veterans Day 2005:

Mudville Gazette's Dawn Patrol has this mornings news from and about the current soldiers while paying tribute to those who we revere this day. A daily must read.

Soldier's Angel has a tribute to our Veterans and asks how are you going to spend your day. One way to show some appreciation is to donate to the Project Valour-IT. It is a fund raiser to provide voice activated laptops for soldiers who have lost hands, fingers, or arms. What an excellent project! Please consider giving if any way possible.

The Gunn Nutt is using the occation to double donations made in Project Valour-IT's behalf, if you decide to donate, consider doing it here.

CUG offers up a short and heartfelt thank you... as does The Man.

Cao has a story from SuperPatriots.US

Basil's Blog posts one of my all time favorite poems in honor of our Veterans.

Uber lists her Veterans Day links.

Although this isn't a specific Veterans Day post, American Lady posts a poem called America is... the poem fits the bill.

At And Rightly So, Raven breaks down the history of Veterans Day. As does Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee.

What are Wars Fought For asks A North American Patriot.

Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive goes on a Veterans Day Vent.

Stop the ACLU has their own tribute to the Vets tied in with Project Valour-IT... we well as Open Posts!

MVRWC has a moving visual post in honor of our vets.

Dr. Phat Tony posts a moving picture that puts some perspective on the sacrifice made by our deceased vets.

Diane scanned some amazing telegrams and postcards from her scrap book archives. They're in such great shape too!

An Excellent Veteran blogger Echo9er introduced himself to me through my comments and I wanted to officially post his Veterans Day post that contains a great personal story and reminder:
So remember, even though you may has slept late, as I did, hang your flag, as I did. Hold a moment in your hearts to remember our Veterans, as I did. Remember most of all, the sacrifices our fighting men and women have endured to make our world safe.

Wow, what a day. Well, that pretty much takes care of almost my whole blog-roll. Please leave a comment with a link to your Veteran's Day Tribute and I'll include it above. Open trackbacks with out the trackback feature... I'm cool like that I guess.

Be sure to thank a Veteran not only today, but whenever you happen to meet one. Life as we know it would not be possible without the collection of all their individual sacrifices for the betterment of our country.

God Bless America.

also linked with: The Political Teen, Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

I must have been lost in the shuffle there some where. Don't worry I'm to shallow to feel rejected.

I must'a stopped by just before you put that post up! Sorry 'bout that brah! Will be fixed.

Thanks for the linky-love peakah!

And God bless America, indeed!!!

Good Job. Linked ya to me. I like the pictures and the words.

Thanks for it all.


I loved the photos of the parade. The pics of the kids made me all teary eyed. Parades are such a wonderful tradition and seeing the kids with flags... well nothing is more fitting to pay tribute to our veterans. Thank you for sharing your Veterans Day with us.

Thanks for the link too.

Terrific photos you have there, Peakah. Lovin' the lingage as well, thanks!

Linkage too, no I am NOT drinking ;)

CUG: always bud.

Diane: what an awesome post! Added above.

Echo9er: nice to have met you my friend. Nice site by the way!

Cathy: a lot of my favorite memories as a kid was watching wideeyed and and in awe of marching soldiers, a lot whom I knew personally. Made quite an impact and a postive one at that. I wanted to pass that on to my kids.

Uber: I love my linguini too... err whatever you're talking about ya lush crackah.

From the angle of that picture of the hearts, it would seem we just missed each other. I was just a block down 4th street holding a tripod.

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