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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 

In Defense of the Law

My previous post making me out like I'm doing something better because I'm coaching a little league team rather than blogging was quite pretentious.

Throw in the terrible temptation to swing the sticks on TigerWoods '06 when some free time does emerge and there is complete blog neglect. Not to mention the recent visits to Lake Mead to reenergize myself, and burn out the kids...

Truth is, there is a ton of things going on, including the fact that the boys are on 'track break'- 3 weeks off during the Easter season from their year round school schedule.

Oh uhhh... did I say Easter?! That word just may get them kicked out of school in the near future. Now that I think about it, that may be the best thing to happen to them in light of how schools are handling this past week's extracurricular protesting activities that I'm sure the lefty teachers are wholeheartedly encouraging. I'm going to soon have to get some home schooling lessons from Uber stat!

A good blogging friend of mine Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, Parent of a Carson High Student, and excellent blogger behind NoisyRoom.net wrote this to the Nevada Appeal, a publication up in northern Nevada.

In Defense of the Law
Monday 300 students walked out of Carson High classrooms for an unlawful protest march against illegal immigration bills Congress is considering. This delinquency was aided and abetted by the school district, which announced the event over the school loudspeaker, and flyers were circulated throughout the school. Carson Sheriff deputies escorted the protestors all around town, even though they had no parade permit.

I spoke to many people who were outraged as I was, and internet postings showed widespread outrage too. The ethnic-identity hustlers marching in our streets claim this is an issue of race or ethnicity, but it’s not. If you are here illegally, either attain legal resident status or go home. It does not matter what country you hail from – this applies to every immigrant

Our daughter, an American, lives in London while waiting for her Danish husband to get legal status here in the United States. So this is an issue we are intimately familiar with, and our family lives by the laws on this and other issues. If there is any ethnic bigotry in this matter, it lies solely with the lawbreakers in the streets claiming this is an ethnic issue. If they want to find racists and bigots, they should look in a mirror.

No other nation in the world would allow you to illegally remain in their country indefinitely with free healthcare, schooling, paid-for housing and transportation, welfare and social assistance. Yet I know of one individual here in Carson City who has been here almost 20 years working on a green card. We taxpayers subsidize her apartment and help her financially with welfare and other programs. She does not even speak English. She has had four or five children here, and all are now entitled to benefits as well. She has never even applied for citizenship and does not intend to.

This has to stop. The government tells us there are roughly 11-million illegal aliens in the US. The number may be much higher. We are being slowly, systematically invaded, and we have let this happen to us. Protestors waving Mexican flags and screaming “Mexico! Mexico!” streamed by our home yesterday – people who insist that part of the US is still Mexico’s and that Spanish should be spoken by every one.

Get real! You are in our country, and so you need to follow our laws and speak our language, English. When 29% of all criminals in our prisons are illegal aliens, we have a major problem in our country. These protests are also being fueled by lawless radical Mexican gangs and movements. Will we stand idly by and let our country be overrun and watch those who break our laws flaunt them in our face? I for one feel that severe civil unrest could result from this.

And to the politicians out there – the school board and the Carson schools’ administrators – shame on you! You have a bond issue on the ballot this November, and I say: Why should we give you one more penny for you to use to support illegal parades that incite violence and disturb the peace? In defense of the law and the state of Nevada, and knowing that you have willfully, recklessly and incompetently mismanaged everything you’ve touched, I will vote against any further money for your blatantly anti-American agendas.
YEAH Terresa!!

Sheesh do I need any more impetus to pull my kids from school?

A new blogging bud DPGI v.2 trashes the ignorance in a Reno Gazette-Journal piece.

Insolublog has found the blogging passion again with this topic as well, check out his recent articles on the immigration insanity.

Others speaking out: The Uncooperative Blogger, Common Folk Using Common Sense, Conservababes, Atlas Shrugs, Sister Toldjah, Mensa Barbie, New Media Journal, Pirate's Cove, Right Wing News, The Jawa Report, Michelle Malkin, Wizbang.

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thanks for the trackback, the comment, and the good words!

i'd love to know about the youth baseball you're doing. i considered joining the baseball/softball officials this year but have decided against it. i did youth football this past year....

i've played some ball in the past and would love to lend a hand hitting infield or teaching the art of ignorance (otherwise known as catching)....

good to meet a neighbor blogger!

aka jcrue
doubleplusgood infotainment v.2

Thanks for stopping by brah! I noticed your site on the Silver State Alliance and I'm glad I checked it out!

I'm coaching in a "Coach Pitch" league for 'Rookies'... seeing how I have three of my boys on the team it only made sense to help coach the team!

If you're in the Las Vegas area anytime soon (I currently live in Henderson) let me know! Our team sure could use some infield defense practice!! Yikes...

Keep up the good work Jay!

Brah, great post and as I post this comment I can hear the town "drunk" of congress trying to get his style of immigrant law through congress! What a moron! I wonder if anyone in congress is sharp enough to come up with a good plan!!

I love that polling graphic. Note how it doesn't say illegal-immigration. Do the pollsters think we are that stupid?

Ssss: Teddy *hick* Kennedy doesn't even know what planet he's on anymore, yet he's crafting policy... yikes...

Insol: yeah, I noticed that too. The survey seemed fair however. I didn't get to see any results of it tho. That would be mildly interesting I guess.

oh, and yes, they think we are that stupid.

Yeah !!! She is right on the money, it is not right and our so called government should stop it. I think Bush is wrong going in the direction that he is. He is even in Cancun Mexico “Strengthening our ties with Canada and Mexico” give me a break! And people say that we need immigrants to do jobs that American do not want to do, I worked topping corn when I was a kid, so why can’t we as parents tell our kids “You want money for an I-Pod farmer brown is looking for workers” That would help them appreciate what they have, it will help them with there independence. Just parents are afraid to be parents.
I am all for immigration when it is done the right way. My best friend’s grandfather came to America from Holland with just a little money in his pocket. Went through school working to pay his way, started a company Mountain States Paint out of Boise Idaho.
And along the way became a US citizen. That was a condensed version, but he was very successful at this and it was done the right way in my opinion. If things keep going the way they are we may be headed for another civil war. I will be on the PRO American side winner (likely) or looser (Yeah right). good job on the post..

AH HA - knew that golf game had something to do with it! Required - don't stop! ;-)

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