Thursday, August 31, 2006 

Waste of Alien Experience

OMG! The rumors of the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947 are true!

Feds Capture Aliens Illegally Working in Roswell

But who better to work on military aircraft??
Federal agents on Wednesday arrested 15 illegal aliens who were working in Roswell, New Mexico, for a local company that is under contract to paint US military aircraft, including Lockheed C-130 military aircraft. Some of the aliens were in the process of painting these aircraft when they were arrested.
In true oxymoronic form of the term 'military intelligence', these planetary travellers are doing nothing more than painting the aircraft! Unreal...

They might as well be sign swingers... there sure seems to be a high demand for them here in Vegas!

Or perhaps they can be wandering American streets with leaf blowers for crying out loud!

No, not this kind of leaf-blower you hockey hooligan!

State of Emergency indeed!

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Sunday, August 27, 2006 

Birthday gift hints

I caught wind the other day about a birthday present I may get...
note to Wyatt, CUG, and Tony... "caught wind" is not the same as "passing gas"...
Prayer at Valley Forge by Arnold Friberg is a painting I've long coveted.

Now one of my favorite local bookstores is going help me to quit my chronic breaking of the tenth commandment (thou shalt not covet) by selling this painting at a 50% discount sometime soon!

I conveniently passed the info to my wife who also has always appreciated and admired the emotions drawn to the surface by the image. However, justifying a large purchase of a piece of art with five growing kids has always kept us from owning this magnificent piece... hopefully not for long!

The artist states:
I sought to pay tribute to the tall and heavy-burdened man who alone held our struggling nation together. For while the British grew fat and warm and well fed in Philadelphia, it was the man Washington who stayed with his starving and freezing army through that dreadful winter at Valley Forge.

It was in desperation that he wrote to the governor of New Jersey, "Our sick naked, our well naked, our unfortunate men in captivity naked!" With his own countrymen indifferent to their condition, where else could he turn but to God?

The well known American legend is without documentation. But from Washington's own words there can be no doubt of his deep and humble dependence upon whom he chose to call "that all wise and powerful Being on whom alone our success depends."

It is my hope that coming through this picture will once again whisper the spirit of Valley Forge, of suffering and devotion and pain, of liberty, and of the hand of God in the affairs of men."
I know that whenever I've gazed upon this picture I am immediately humbled and am able to put into perspective those things I consider trials and tribulations.

After having read the book His Excellency by award winning author Joseph J. Ellis (which I highly recommend) as well as having read the entire Prelude to Glory series of books by Ron Carter, I almost feel as if I know the man personally.

Having the opportunity to allow the image above to calibrate my attitude each and every day would be a gift that eternally gives.

Thursday, August 24, 2006 

Nature Hikin'

Today was too beautiful a day to lock myself up inside on my day off...

So we headed north to Mount Charleston for the day. It was absolutely perfect up there.

The troops thoroughly enjoyed themselves... and I thoroughly enjoyed the charcoal barbecued beer brats.

It was a nice escape from 100 degree temperatures to the mid 70's.

The wind seemed to have a more powerful presence with its guttural groans through the canyons providing red tailed hawks powerful thermals to spiral up as they circled for prey. It sure would have been cool to see a hawk snag a rattler. Instead there was intense prey of the sausages by a particular fat white homo-sapien.

We were greeted at home by the moon over my-homey... mmmm... time for an egg sandwich...

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