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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 

Truth in Advertising

Finally a Political Ad that's True:

That was one funny video!!

Did you know that you need to be an adult to watch this video?! Seems Google has biased YouTube before the GOOTube word takes over?! Wanted to copy this piece and link back here and to Ideazione - who also has this (many others actually!) AND - YouTube is doing everything they can to keep people from watching it! Hmmmmmm

Ssss: you know it

chrys: It took me about a half an hour of goofing around the site registering for this and that and doing a deep search of the site to find it myself. It's obvious it's being buried.

Hopefully it's playing ok on my site!

Must be that liberal conspiracy. :/

Its a bunch of partisan propoganda anyways. Quite typical of the GOP though.

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