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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 

Fantasy Golf League

Over the 2006 PGA Golf season I played in a Fantasy Golf League on Yahoo! and had a blast trying to predict the winners of each weekend's PGA tournaments.

This year I'm creating my own League where I expect to see some of my bloggin buds flexing their fantastic muscles. You don't have to really know much about golf, just start Tiger Woods each week... how hard is that?

Anyway, if you're interested, and you know you are just for the cheap entertainment value-

Log into Yahoo, go to fantasy sports and create a team name for Fantasy Golf.

Then join my group: #3368
Password: peak

Any and all who read this are invited...
(My favorite Gunslinger has joined the fray!)

Maybe someday I'll actually have the time to play for real...

If that's not up your alley, take this Idiot Test and report your results here.

I'm in!!! And I spread the word to a few of my idiot friends.

I'm Brilliant. That means the test is accurate.

Wyatt: beauty, the more the better. I'm trying to get some old Syracuse buds in the league. BadKarma and GripitandRipit are two of my ole frat friends. We're sure to be smacking eachother around like the three stooges in no time.

DPT: Good prognosis! (hence the name of the test)

Unfortunately it took me 3 tries to get all the way through it...

Lawdy---Josh--- I can't even get to the idiot test... (my computer is anti quick time)...so what the heck does that mean???

Cathy, cathy, cathy... if you've learned anything you've learned not to leave such a wide opening for a snide remark! But cuz I love ya so, I'll refrain...

Sounds like you need to take your computer to diversity training! (yikes, I can't wait until this idiotic "Cultural Diversity" class is over!)

...can't be that bad when I get to comment on my blog during "lecture"...

I'm in, and that no good, tinhorn of a lawman better look out, 'cause I'm gunnin' for him! HA

You don't need to know how to play! You just pick about 8 players and start 4 of your players for each round of each tourney. Those who shoot well earn you points, those who stink don't.

You can start each player a total of 10 times thoughout the course of the season so you can't start Tiger each week but if you follow golf even passively like I do, you'll do fine!

Join up RT!

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