Wednesday, February 28, 2007 

Contrite Spirits

My wife and I have taught primary classes in Sunday school and it's probably one of the neatest experiences ever.

Kids hearts and minds, particularly on the subject of God, will always be a subject of fascination and humor.

My aunt emailed me these and I thought I'd share them...
It's sure to bring a sweet smile to your heart.

Thursday, February 22, 2007 

Hi, remember me? The most slackinest bloggah around?

Lemme take a survey of my most trusted friends...

You come home from work, you see your beautiful babies.

Your 4 year is old quieter than usual. She goes to the bathroom and calls you to help her wipe her bottom... discover hand-marks that left her bee-hind beet red. The 'Nanny' you hired quickly follows you to the bathroom and claims that she fell on her bottom while playing at the playground.

How do you keep from beating the $*!# out of the woman? Exactly what methods to you employ to keep from ripping her head off and fitting it where the sun don't shine?

Just wondering...
Please leave your uncensored comments below.

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