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Sunday, June 17, 2007 

Fishin on Father's Day

One thing I absolutely love about our new home is the availability of beautiful lakes.

We spent Father's Day this year casting some bait to no avail...

Giving up on catching some fish, we jumped in the warm shallow mountain lake...

Hope your Father's Day was as enjoyable as ours!
Oh and we love ya PawPaw- Happy Father's Day from all of us!

Looks like a fun day! Thanks for coming by!

How cool! Just think, a year ago a move and better environment (and hopefully job) wasn't even in your sites. God does the neatest stuff!

Linda: it sure was... I'm pretty wiped out from it still

RT: no it wasn't but I'm sure glad it worked out this way!

Gives me hope. :)

right back atcha kid!!

Just Hi! Sorry I missed it!

Aw, I missed it. Ah well, happy belated, Pop!

Great shots. I see someone got moms cute dimples (oops, just noticed God gave you some too). Yeah, I'm jealous. *g* Hey. Do ya ever take the hat off? haha

I rarely get to wear that hat anymore with all the hours I'm working! Figures the only times I get the chance to take pictures coincide with the times I have my trusty hat on! I have a pretty sweet rugged leather outback hat I think I'll wear camping tomorrow. I hope I don't forget to bring the camera!

happy Belated Father's Day, Peak! I see you still look like Ted Nugent! Maybe that's how you're kicking my tail in Fantasy Golf?

Geez, I don't come around often enough. My apologies, Josh.


Are you finished moving? The real problem with you moving is that I now have no where to stay for free in Vegas.

Hi, Peak!
Hope you and yours are well!! :)

Fantastic pics Josh. I am jealous.

OK - In hopes that you're well and only bathing in success and happy parenting - it's a month again - waiting for a post! ;-)

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