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Sunday, July 22, 2007 

Sweet Sedona Weekend

This weekend, we drove into one of the most beautiful areas of the country, Sedona Arizona.

We went to visit the area they call "Slide Rock" where there is a natural water slide.

But first, some chow...
Unfortunately, after a 3 and a half hour drive and four hundred "Are we there yets", the park was closed due to- HIGH BACTERIA! C'mon, we're a family of 7, how exactly is Bacteria considered High Risk to us?

A park ranger alerted us that the bacteria in question was in fact E. Coli. that they were worried about.

So instead we did some Hiking and some picture taking... enjoy.

Click on a picture for a 'close up'.

Oh no, it's time to go home???

Loving the serial killer look! Looks like the clan had a great time!

Very pretty scenery! How did you keep up with all the kids?! I would've been so nervous with so many spots ripe for falling!

If the scenery is that beautiful in the pictures, I can only imagine what it is like to witness it.

I've been through Arizona and its beauty amazes me.


Wyatt: Hey, that look can actually come in handy in many situations.

Linda: My wife had a few close calls as far as coronaries and anurisms go but all come out with no more than a minor scratches.

RT: There are areas that are absolutely breathtaking, it was hard to be behind the wheel with all the rubbernecking we were doing along that drive.

Yay, Georgous! And dimples too! *g*

Glad you had a great time and everyone remains unscathed. Thanks for sharing. :)

Wow!!! Great pictures, the pictures says how much you enjoyed...It seems to be really wonderful time you had.Thank you very much for the fotos...
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YEAH! A wonder filled monthly post! Great place for a family go grow in Utah! Some of the most beautiful parts of the United States are all "just around the corner" - Looks like "good time had by all" - AND - Dad looks frazzledly bonkers but happy (overload? {work and family}) Nice to see ya Peakah

Awesome pics, bro!

Brah, those were awesome! I really loved the one with the town by the big bluff! That is soo cool!! Yeah, stay away from that e coli crap!

Ok, Mr. McPeak..... we are sooooo there next time. Just give us enough notice, 'k? Give everyone a hug from me. I'm missin' everyone.

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