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Thursday, November 15, 2007 

2008 is already blah... how about 2012 Election??

Ok, so I had the Democratic Primary Debate on tonight at my store as I was closing up shop. I'm watching and listening passively perhaps in the hope that because it was in Vegas, there would be the possibility of a drunk strip goer with his three foot long straw dangling out of his plastic party glass half-full of watered down margarita who would cause an interesting scene.

Nope, unfortunately it was just the same old tired lines of vaguery. Not unlike any of the other political debates, regardless of party...

I'm tired of having nothing but the professional politician as the perpetual pick.

Then I came across this:
George Noory considering presidential bid?


I've been a fan of the Nighthawk for a long time, my wife hates when I wear headphones to bed because I can't bear to lay in bed knowing I'm missing a conversation that tends to exist only in Coast to Coast country.

I'll admit that Coast to Coast has always had a 'fantastic' side to it. Particularly while Art Bell was at the helm. There's no doubt that Art took the show to unseen heights in the night time AM radio world. However, I for one, was never much of an Art Bell fan. I found him pretty pretentious myself.

When George Noory took over the show I found myself falling asleep with inbedded earphones much more often... much to my ear canal's discomfort, and my wife's annoyance. He has taken the show into a much more realistic and practical direction.

But he wants to be President??
"I have never run for political office," Noory told WND in an e-mail, "but every night I am reaching out to millions of Americans on the radio and I am deeply concerned that the middle class of the United States is being sold out to multi-national corporations with a globalist agenda."
Hmmm... that sure is true
"Why are we outsourcing millions of high-paying jobs to China and India?" he asked. "Why don't we secure the border and stop the country being flooded with millions of illegal immigrants? These are important questions on the minds of middle class voters all over America who are worried the politicians aren't listening."
We way beyond worried about it, we're living it.
"I believe 2012 will be the beginning of a new age, an age of enlightenment," Noory answered. "The current crop of political candidates looks out of touch, saying nothing new or genuine. By 2012 people are going to be saying, 'We cannot continue down the path we have been going as it will lead us only back to the familiar dead end we now see in Congress and the White House.'"
Assuming Americans will ever enter an age of Enlightenment is perhaps a pipe dream, but it sure is fun to assume isn't it?

Could you imagine Noory as our Prez? Hmm, it's at the very least an interesting thought... perhaps he can summon the powers of the extraterrestial to better demonstrate how to be 'walkers in the light'.

As far as the current crop of candidates go, I see nothing substantial on the Democrat side of the aisle (as usual) and the Republican side has been severely damaged by the promise of conservatism by the Bush Administration that had never been delivered.

What's an independent conservative to do? (But dream)

Dude, you weren't the 20000th, but thanks for the fly-by. Feel free to stop by more frequently!

I like your blog!

It was worth a shot... I will, I'll add it to tha brothah from anothah mothah list.

Keep up the great work!

don't be a strangah ya'hear?

glad you're back, peak!

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