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Wednesday, December 31, 2008 

Gettin' Smokie wid'it

Perhaps you remember my last attempt at food blogging... Yikes. While the recipe was flawlessly delicious, the post itself left much to be desired.

Only this time in addition to delicious warm yummy and delicious hot scrumptious bacon and cheese, we're adding straight up lard and sugar to the equation.

Oh yeah, it is ON.

Bring in Hillshire Farms Cheddar Lil'smokies!

C'mon, we've abused ourselves all year long only to look upon New Years as an occasion to strengthen weaknesses, batten down the strengths, and grow... I promise you, we shall grow...
Half them jalapenos, shuck the sinew (otherwise known as 'white stuff' or you can leave some in to make them HOT). Fill the half with cream cheese. Plop a lil'smokey right there and then wrap with bacon, securing with a toothpick.
Bring in the Pure Cane Sugar- Golden Brown ...awww yeah, gettin crazy with the flavahs!
Fire up the grill and lay down some aluminum foil.

I like to sprinkle the brown sugar on the near finished product on the grill.
(Thus the aluminum foil)

la producte' el la finishe!
Look at that sweet lil'smokey in that warm bed of warm cream cheese wrapped tight with yummy bacon and kissed with sugar... this is what dreams are made of...

Now this is where the endorsement opportunity lies:


Damn, that looks good! Send me some!

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