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Thursday, March 05, 2009 

HR 45

A very disturbing piece of legislation that is always making the rounds of Congress in one form or another, particularly in a very left wing controlled Congress, is a gun control bill of one form or another.

The latest and perhaps one of the most blatantly anti Second Amendment of them all is one that was introduced a full month and a half ago but I missed it in the normal rush of everyday life. It's HR 45.

My friends at Stop the ACLU were all over this... (oh and I schnagged this sweet picture from there too, I need to get one of these flags!)

This irks people all over the political scale (read this awesome article on INFOWARS) but I fear that the numbskulls on Capitol Hill are way too out of touch to fully understand how much more quickly they've hastened the next American Revolution...

duh, what did you think the purpose of this legislation actually was? *slapping forehead*

But do they really want to piss this guy off?? (warning: video link contains an individual who uses very harsh language)

I'm just sayin, there's going to be some crazy crap coming down the line and we're barely through the first quarter of the first year of this administration's hold on Capitol Hill! It's almost as if they know they only have until 2010 to get 'er done because the American people aren't as easily fooled anymore... or am I kidding myself.

I'll find out a week from tomorrow when I host Glen Beck's "We Surround Them" campaign in my store. Why not, I have a large bank of big screen TVs, cable TV, and lots of couches! Sounds like we're already half way to a party!

Time to link up with my local conservative minded members of my community before Capitol Hill decides what's best for us!

Ominous, yet not at all unexpected.

We are heading for conflict. What form that takes will unfold over the next six to twelve months. But, let's not (any of us) fool ourselves into thinking this is entirely an Obama creation. This has been in the works, not for years, but for decades if not longer.

The very existence of America will be called into question very soon. From what I have seen thus far from our populace, I have grave concerns about our ability and willingness to throw off the chains that so many people do not even know are there. The problem I see is Americans finally waking up: finally throwing off the chains only after being dragged down to the bottom of the ocean. Any cries of freedom will simply be a muted footnote on an indifferent historical ocean.

I don't think the big FEMA camps (That Glen Beck now admits he can't debunk any longer) are there for illegals. I don't think gun confiscation is to protect the Mexican government from drug lords. I don't think all the troops being redeployed from Iraq to the US are here to help with traffic accidents.

See a pattern here? The 'gubment' think tanks can figure out how this book ends.

The car company's sales are down about 50% yoy. Those aren't recession numbers. We are in a depression and it will get a lot worse. The next phase is probably going to be hyperinflation.

What do you think will happen when 25% are unemployed, another 25% are underemployed, and groceries start going up 25-50% in a year?

I agree. Revolution is coming, and it has the potential to be to be ugly.

--The Don.


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