Monday, October 29, 2012 

Time to Evolve the Syracuse Orange Fan Brand?

Man do I get excited when College Basketball Season rolls around.  This is my alma mater's final year in the Big East and soon we'll be official card carrying members of the ACC.  While it took some time to absorb- the news broke while I was with the exemplary author of "God, Country, Boeheim" at USC for the Syracuse at USC football game in September of 2011-  I have now come to terms and am really looking forward to the new rivalries that Duke and UNC will bring to the campus on The Hill.

One thing is bothering me however, will the fan base at the Dome be able to Get Up for these games? Will the inherent hatred naturally incubated in the heart of each Orange fan when the Hoyas come to town be able to translate when the Tar Heels bounce balls on Jim Boeheim Court?  While I'm sure Coach K and Jimmy B have cultivated a wonderful relationship while coaching the Olympic team together, will the Orange fan have the heart to scream their brains out a'la the Cameron Crazies when the Blue Devils come to town?

While it may have been some time since I've been to a game (1996 in fact) I can't imagine the fan base has changed that much.  Yeah, we clap in unison until the Orange drops their first field goal.  Neato.  Whoopie.  Then it's usually quiet enough to work some calculus proofs.  That is until the last few minutes of a close game where most of the noise is directed at the Refs- Cue the Tim Higgins photo.

We are now in the midst of the "Branding Age", where branding your product is the most important marketing aspect to all that we do.  Do the Orange fans have a Brand?

We need to take advantage of our record setting attendance in such a way that ACC teams will be subliminally thinking about the intensity of the crowd that surrounds them 30,000+ strong.  The crowd in a basketball game can be one of the best advantages a team has, unless of course said crowd is sitting on its hands.

Speaking of hands-

Hand signs.

I say we steal the O hand sign of the Dopey Ducks of Oregon because Orange comes before Oregon in the dictionary giving us the rights to it if we so choose to steal it.  Displaying 30,000+ pairs of hands underneath the architectural O created by the roof of the Dome, could quite possibly have some psychological effect.  If turning a particular beer's label out toward a field goal kicker creates some parallel universe's draw, then imagine the draw of the O.  As the commercial touts, "It's only weird if it doesn't work".  To have the draw from parallel fields of energy harnessed in a proud O held over the head by two hands doesn't do the trick, well...  it's probably Higgins' fault.  Have you seen the dark cloud that follows that guy?

In order to propel the powers of the parallel universe, we also need a chant that the entire Dome can yell in unison to adopt the Drone like hum of the Cameron crazies while the O is strategically placed over one's head.  Why don't we all yell "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" while throwing up our CNY gang sign?  The reverberation off of the bottom of the Dome would be amazing.  As C.liesen remarked: "It could the the Drone of the Zone"
...with the reverb of the Dome.

Damn I'm smooth...

Is this not a bit more marketable than the rhythmic clap that only lasts until our first FG falls?  We all know that we have the power of energizing our team to victory if we only make it visible and audible!

And should we get blown out, we can all do what the Great Jimmy B does,  sit slumped over and clean out our right nostril.

Or we could just blame it on the refs.

Something tells me that this year's team will not be experiencing any blowouts.


Friday, October 26, 2012 

If you're voting for Obama- Please, read this first.

I began this blog 8 years ago (almost to the day) after I had performed an early vote in the Bush vs Kerry election in Albuquerque, NM.  I felt it was important to post to the internet my feelings regarding politics if not to persuade friends and family, then to at least hone my debating skills and get a better grasp on the political issues of the day.  I even named it Peakah's Provocations because of the provocative nature political discussions are bound to embroil themselves.

While I have not been the faithful blog poster the last several years due to no longer working from home, not to mention the ease of posting to Facebook, there is no way I can keep myself from stealing some time to express my feelings regarding this election.  I have friends and family who have communicated their interest in who I was voting for any why, not to mention having this nagging desire to express myself to those who intend to vote for Obama again.

I can understand how a neatly packaged marketing campaign and 8 years GWB was able to sweep a Marxist professor with an unknown background into office over a Vietnam war veteran.  Check that, I don't understand it, however four years ago saw record numbers of first time voters making their way to the polls to vote for the charismatic one with the belief that they were going to change the world.  I guess in a sense, they have...

Let us look at a few issues (of many) that, had a Republican president been the perpetrator, the mainstream media, as well as, the liberal cartel would have been screaming at the top of their lungs that our president is a dictator.  Interestingly enough, liberals have been remarkably quiet.  Here are only three of many issues.

The NDAA-  The National Defense Authorization Act.  How liberals aren't losing their minds over this Act as they did when Bush enacted the Patriot Act, has me bewildered.  This bill was signed as most people were getting hammered this past New Years Eve.  As the ball in NYC was getting ready to drop, the ink from lefty's hand was dropping a signature making this Act law.  We've recently seen this Act enforced on an Iraq War Veteran who dared to say disparaging things about our dear leader on Facebook.  Using the authority signed in this act, this veteran was dragged out of his house and put in a mental ward "for evaluation".  Did you catch that?  Because of FACEBOOK POSTS!  Why is there NO outcry from those who were tearing their hair out during the previous administration when they were claiming that GWB was a dictator?  Peace-out First Amendment.

Next we have the myth of Transparency and Open Government.  When Obama took office he vowed the most Transparent administration in history.  Inherently this is laughable when you do only an ounce of your own research into our president's own background.  It is almost all sealed!  You cannot see his actual birth certificate, only a long form re-creation.  You are not allowed to see any of his college applications, his grades, his papers, or ANYTHING from his college years.  Nor are you allowed to see his passport.  Trump called him  out on this earlier this week with his Five Million Dollar challenge.  Open up your background, receive a check for $5 million to give to any charity of your choice.  Seems like a no-brainer, unless there is something you're trying to hide.

Finally and most recently, the Benghazi disaster.  This has been especially disconcerting.  Obviously there is a lot more to this story than what has been made public.  It's finally coming out that we were supplying arms to the rebels around the middle east to overthrow their regimes.  We were doing it at a rate to make the Iran Contra scandal look like child's play.

This isn't what's eating at me about the Benghazi issue.  The middle east has always been a big Risk game between America and Russia.  Geopolitical positioning is nothing new.  What's making me crazy is how ignorant this administration assumes we the American people are when they come out and initially tell us in press conferences that the uprising is due to some obscure YouTube video defaming Muhammad.  Who the hell do they think they are kidding?  Ok, I can understand that there was some reasoning behind not going in and saving the Ambassador if there was fear over ambush issues, however WHY DO YOU LIE TO OUR FACE when asked about it?  Not just once, but OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  The icing on the cake and the true face of this administration is how they handled the meeting they had when meeting with the loved ones of the fallen.  Navy Seal Tyrone Woods defied orders to stand down to go help his fellow American, Ambassador Chris Smith.  Hear from the father of the fallen Navy Seal in his own words.  Absolutely Chilling.  Very telling of this administration's assumption regarding the average American's intelligence level.  If you are not offended, you get the administration you deserve.

Former presidents have been impeached for less than this.  What we have here is a criminal situation.  If no one goes to jail for Benghazi-gate, that will tell me all I need to know regarding the criminality of this administration.  Before going off half-cocked about the Bush administration's corruption, where you'll find no argument with me, are you going to let that justify more corruption?  Please think of these things before pulling the lever again for this president.

How will we know anything will change if Romney wins?  Can it honestly be worse than it is now?  If things don't change, I'll be the first in line to vote against him in four years.  I haven't even mentioned the insanity of Government run Healthcare, Supreme Court nominees, the ballooning deficit, nor the monitization of our debt by the Federal Reserve that will surely devalue our currency to Weimar Republic levels.  Just can't wait to take that wheelbarrow full of dollars to the store to buy a loaf of bread.  There are over a thousand reasons to not vote for this president.  The founding precepts of this great nation have been maliciously transformed and our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.  They knew a time like this would come and wrote extensively about it to warn us.  Opaque layers of dust seem to have completely obscured their words.

The re-election of Barack Obama simply paves the way for an even more charismatic leader to follow in his footsteps and finish us off as a republic if he doesn't do it himself in his second term, a'la the Weimar Republic.  We as a nation cannot afford this.  Otherwise, this commercial below will prove to be prophetic.  Please think before voting for another term for this president.  Our future truly depends on it.

I can understand that perhaps you may be voting for Obama purely for social issues.  Remember this, there are no social issues that matter if our country's future is jeopardized by suicidal fiscal policy and careless foreign policy.  If we're converted to a third world nation, social issues will no longer be dictated by us any longer...

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