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Saturday, July 23, 2005 

Who Burnt the Popcorn?

Yeah, this article begins with the word "Volunteer"
From NewScientist.com:
VOLUNTEERS taking part in tests of the Pentagon's "less-lethal" microwave weapon were banned from wearing glasses or contact lenses due to safety fears. The precautions raise concerns about how safe the Active Denial System (ADS) weapon would be if used in real crowd-control situations.
What exactly is "less-lethal" unless it means it doesn't kill as many people as it used to. Where are these volunteers coming from anyway... isn't this a good gig for those schmucks in the Guantanamo Resort?
The ADS weapon's beam causes pain within 2 to 3 seconds and it becomes intolerable after less than 5 seconds. People's reflex responses to the pain is expected to force them to move out of the beam before their skin can be burnt.
Sounds like one of them glorified pen-laser light beam thing-a-ma-jigs.

I wonder if I have some built up immunity to the beam after having used an old worn out microwave with bad seals for years? Especially after many nights of staring through the door waiting for that last popcorn kernel to burst...
The experimenters banned glasses and contact lenses to prevent possible eye damage to the subjects, and in the second and third tests removed any metallic objects such as coins and keys to stop hot spots being created on the skin. They also checked the volunteers' clothes for certain seams, buttons and zips which might also cause hot spots.
Uhh, having your zipper become atomically heated is enough to keep me in line. The teeth in those damn things are threatening enough let alone having it piping hot and up against your you know what...
During the experiments, people playing rioters put up their hands when hit and were given a 15-second cooling-down period before being targeted again. One person suffered a burn in a previous test when the beam was accidentally used on the wrong power setting.
Sorry guys... your 15 seconds are up, please step back into the beam...

"Less lethal." Is that anything being "a little pregnant?"

I think if something is less lethal, you walk away, but with a severe limp.

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