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Thursday, July 21, 2005 

Red/Blue American Idol

From Drudge:
Reality TV Show to Seek Political Talent
Wed Jul 20 2005 21:31:20 ET

Reality television has generated American idols, top models and business apprentices. Now, some political types are hoping that a Washington D.C.-based reality show can deliver the next great political consultant!

The WASHINGTON POST reports on Thursday: A proposed eight-part series titled ``Red/Blue,'' which its creators aim to get on the air next summer, places 12 or 14 aspiring political consultants _ divided into two teams of liberals and conservatives _ inside a Georgetown townhouse that's wired with cameras and microphones a la ``Real World'' and ``Big Brother.''

The participants engage in a series of challenges, both in and out of Washington, that test their political skills. Two hopefuls, one of each political stripe, will be eliminated each week. The last man or woman standing wins $1million to spend on a cause or candidate in the 2006 election.

I'm praying that the Democratic Operative Omarosa Manigault from The Apprentice is going to be on this show... she's just the type of wench to make this show absolutely fascinating!

I'm looking forward to the future of reality shows... Blogger Idols!

Just imagine having a camera over your desk monitoring every bedheaded news geek (uhh, me) watching your every fascinating move... ok, maybe not...

This really is the beginning of the end.

Nice site.

You have been linked! :)

Keep up the great work!

I don't know if I could watch any more Moon Bat lunacy on tv I think if I need a dose of that I can just flip on network news.

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