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Monday, September 26, 2005 

The Magic of the Irish

One of my favorite movies of all time is Rudy. There is just something about the mystique and lore of Notre Dame football that has always captured my imagination. I was never big enough to play football but everyday I would dream of playing for the Irish when I was a little kid.

I wasn't much of an Irish fan in college however, Syracuse held my fascination at that period of time, as they still do... c'mon Perry Patterson, you can play just a bit less stiff and Damien Rhodes needs the ball on every play...
but I digress.

There is a reason that Notre Dame is great. It's because of stories like these;
From the Seattle Times:
After Craig Chambers fumbled at the 1-yard-line Saturday and the Huskies started lamenting an opportunity lost, Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis began thinking of a promise made.

Weis revealed yesterday during his regular day-after news conference that he had met with a 10-year-old Notre Dame fan on Wednesday who was suffering from inoperable brain cancer, and that the boy had asked him to pass on the first play against UW.

The boy, Montana Mazurkiewicz of Mishawaka, Ind., died Friday, something Weis learned after the Irish arrived in Seattle.

Weis didn't hesitate to follow through on Montana's request, even though the Irish started its first possession of the game at its 1-yard-line following the UW turnover.

The play, a pass from quarterback Brady Quinn to tight end Anthony Fasano, turned into a 13-yard gain in a game Notre Dame won 36-17.

"I sat there with the kid and talked with him about Notre Dame football, how he just wanted to make it through this week so he could watch that game," Weis said of his Wednesday meeting. "He knew he was not going to last very much longer."

"To watch a 10-year-old only get a smile on his face because of his passion and love for Notre Dame football, it was a good moral for our players," Weis said. "It brings you back down to Earth to realize how important it is to wear that jersey."
You gotta love the Irish, sorry Wyatt! But how fitting a first post on this site with just a hint o'irish flavor...

ROFL why does this say DECEMBER 26th?? I think someone got happy with the date changer. ;)

I think someone is getting loopy from too much face time on the ole computer! Amazing how time flies when you're having fun! If it were December 26th right now I'd be in deep crap.

*Phew* Still have a couple more months to procrastinate getting Christmas gifts!

Hope things are well with you Jaden, my condolences to your family and my thanks for getting me hooked up despite the difficult situation you're going through.

Hang in there!!

Peak, I just saw this story on SportsCenter last night. It almost makes me wanna be a ND fan. I am DEFINITELY a Charlie Weiss fan! I mean, passing in that situation . . . ballsy, and honorable.

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