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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Roberts Seat in Sight

(Photo from Reuters)

This look appeared on Judge Roberts face as Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) entered the room with his abnormally large ego in tow.

After this initial shock, Roberts seems pretty cool and collected as he deflected and danced around direct questions in Ginsburg like fashion.

Confirmation should occur at the end of this week.

For some behind the scenes action, check out this post from The Gunn Nutt!

Are you sure this wasn't Roberts reaction to Ted Kennedy, with his liver in tow?

Roberts really impressed me yesterday. Every time he answered a question, he refused to look at his "notes" and outshined Biden and Kennedy. Okay, that's not difficult, but . . .

That's priceless! I noticed that sometimes Roberts looked "cross-eyed" and figured he must be inwardly fighting to not go bonkers from the idiots questioning him. Thanks for the linky-love.

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