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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 

Scanning the Newsstand

Female Suicide Bomber Kills 6... Terrorist recruitment low as female bombers step up to fill ranks of poor dead terrorists.

Adult Stem Cell Research Advancement... abortion doctors outraged that stem cells torn away from shredded babies may be deemed unnecessary.

Democrats Go Dumpster Diving... in efforts to connect with the few constituents they have left...

6 Shi'ite Teachers Executed in Baghdad School... sunni murderers claim teachers were 'civilizing' their children and that teachers are easier to kill than soldiers.

English Bypassed in LA... immigrants instead learning the language of the land, Spanish.

Sheehan Meets with McCain... she breaks the news to the world that McCain is a 'warmonger'. Will somone please put this dope back on the short bus to Sacra-mental?

Man Jailed for Showing Beheading Video... hide your 9/11 footage, it will soon be outlawed for indecent exposure to reality.

Brits confused with our terminology... blogging or dogging? 'Dogging: watching couples have sex in semi-secluded places'. Where exactly is the confusion?

Katrina Blows Away 'Noleans Police Chief... job no longer cushy cruise to retirement.

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