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Saturday, November 12, 2005 

My Map Quest

This post is going to float for about another week because I really want to get my regulars up on the map...
Don't be shy... give me a shout out!
C'mon people represent!

Oops, I attached an NYC picture, while shouting out from DC...

I'll let'er slide Kira,

Alright, I got the girls representing but where are all the guys??? C'mon men! Don't be afraid!

Texas added!

Geez - my non committal map has been ignored for months!! Check the side-bar(pages) - "Gi'me pins!" You don't even have to dig up a pic or erroneous zip!

Thanks for trying - Mine seems to be broken - couldn't even get there through the "backdoor!" - It was just like "Frappr" Maybe Frappr ate my map! ;-D Grabbed me one a dem dar "Frappr" things

Diane: yeeeeee haaaawwwww!

Chrys: one Frappr'chino with a double of Baileys com'in right up!

LOL I double posted on your map!!! just not having a good day. lol

Maybe the men are passed out under the tables...all that Guinness, you know. ;)


The map is addicting...

I keep waiting for mine to be so full, you won't be able to see any states at all! :p

OK, now what? Do I win a prize? Or is this for stalking purposes only? :)

C'mon y'all... now do I LOOK like a stalker?

Don't answer that!!!

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