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Friday, January 20, 2006 

Am I Supposed to be Scared?

This is an open letter to Osama been-Hiding...

Yeah yeah yeah, Osama is out and speaking via soundbite over Aljazeera airwaves... how brave.

Oh, but if we just let bygones be bygones he'll come out of his cave and re-build Afghanistan and Iraq for us... besides we don't want our troops there; so his sources say...

I have a feeling that the batteries must be getting low on the ole dialysis machine...

Getting the kidneys flushed using a 200 mile train of extension cords- (an idea realized from a Miller Lite commercial Osama happen to wiggle the bunny ears enough to catch during the NFL playoff games last weekend from his cave) -must be a pain in the rear, or close to it I guess...
Funny how just when there was a fair amount of speculation that Osama bin Laden might no longer be among the living (he hadn’t been heard from in more than a year), an audiotape lands on the doorstep of Al-Jazeera TV.

Just imagine, the man responsible for the deaths of 3,000 human beings on American soil is proposing his own Marshall Plan for two nations now just beginning to taste the sweet fruit of democracy. How the women of Kabul must miss those stonings and the soccer field beheadings. Ah, for a return to the good old days when bin Laden engaged in a mutual aid program with the Taliban.
Despite the fact that our Security Agencies are under attack from the Enemy Within, I think Osama is realizing the futility of his situation.

Unless of course this is all staged!
Naaa, Osama's henchmen are being sniffed out.

You know what? Screw Osama, I'm heading down to the Strip tomorrow afternoon. During the afternoon I'm taking the kiddies to The Orleans for an enjoyable time watching "Nemo on Ice" where my five kids, from ages 7 to 3 are going to have a blast watching big foam costumes gliding along the ice...

and if there's a good bail or two reminiscent of "Skating with Celebrities", I'll definitely enjoy the show...

Following that extravaganza on Ice, the wife and I and two other friends are going to see one of my favorite bands, G Love and Special Sauce. A Philly Favorite playing tonight at the House of Blues...

From one of my favorite G Love songs...
When We Meet Again
Springtime is here, and the wind from the south
Blows strong and warm to clean out your house
The sun has arisen and the lies that were told are
Driven outside with the freezing cold
I can remember a spring just like this
I was 19 yrs. old
Now the time is sorely missed
The first year that I left my mother's house
Out to make my way in this world somehow

I can't believe how the times they have changed
All the dreams that came true still seem so far away
I remember the days sittin' on the front porch
With the sun beatin' down in my neighborhood

I'd sit out all night singin' songs to the moon
Or try and get some sweet honey back to my bedroom

My friends they were few but to me they were true
All we was trying to do was just to make it through
Always thought for the future, but we shouldn't have cared
All the best things in life we shared them right there

So to all those old friends God be with them
I wish, I wish I could see you again
In the same corner bar where it all started from
Dig your plow so deep now the stars have all gone
So wherever they shine may it be warm and bright
Out to ease my mind on this worried night
It all seems so simple and good tidings I send
I'll never forget that one year that we spent
Osama, you don't scare me.

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It doesn't seem as powerful when the big bad terrorist says "We will anhilate you. Allah will grant us the power to destroy you. How bout a truce?"

A principle of conflict negotiation holds that the first one to offer to back off loses. Or to put it another way, OBL just blinked.

Hit him/AQ HARD... NOW! No, harder!

(Maybe my suggestion yesterday was a tad on the hard side, but I still say we ought to negotiate with Muslims according to their rules: submit or die. Period. Just in order that we might communicate accurately, dontcha know... )

Winners don't ask for a truce in the middle of the battle ...

I smell desperation...
...yo Osama, the gig is up...

Hey Peakah, I like what you've done to the site. LOTS faster on load-up. Makes it easier to read more of your stuff.

Good work!

I agree with shama.

Yes OBL blinked. Twice.


I am travelling to vegas 4 a show. Where r some good bbq joints to eat at?

Any other recommendations??


Thanks Shama, that was the purpose of the site manipulation... although I miss the other site layout...

JoeCool: there is really no BAD place to chow here...

Memphis BBQ is great for homestyle BBQ food... Email me for more personalized chow and I'll do my best to hook you up...

"I'm heading down to the Strip tomorrow afternoon."

The strip? On a weekend? You are far braver than I, my friend.

JoeCool, there's Lucielle's at The District at Green Valley Ranch (Henderson) or Famous Dave's on Rainbow at Lake Mead (North Las Vegas). There is another called BBQ masters, but I don't know where it is.

I haven't heard G-Love for years!

And I think Osama may be just a tad worried...

i was googling and found your site. i really like it.

i feel the same way as you.

Peakah, Joe is my brother, while he does like BBQ, he loves sushi even more!! Let him know I told ya to hook him up with a great sushi spot!!

Schweet post, Peakah.

David- You turned me on a little there! J/k...sorta. haha

So mr.cool and ssssteve are brothers--well, THAT explains alot!

Joshua- At some point, I will put a G Love video up for you...

Ditto to Jo's comments.

Found you via Blogs4Bauer. Like your blog. I love the Abraham Lincoln quote on your sidebar. I also liked your comments on UAW guy's blog the other day about Jack Bauer and Gore.

here via blogs4bauer...

Love that G. Love.

First, the new template loads so much nicer than the old one, and it looks sharp too.

Now,as for the rest, fantastic. It is rather comical the way Osama seems to thnk peole actually want him to run anything. The only reason he has any cronies at all is because he has the money to pay for them, so America haters se him as nothing more than a fiscally viable way to try to kill Americans.

The Orleans, you say? Iwas just there with my Dad, well, just there 3 years ago, that's the last time I was in Vegas. It was surprisingly nice. Much better thanI expected for a casino off the strip, and very reasonably priced with, thankfully, a lot of low stakes tables. My wife still has the Mardi Gras beads we got there hanging from her rear-view mirror.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I sure hope my son never gets the desire to see giant foam on ice. I don't think I could do that, no matter how much love I have for the little bugger. Hope you enjoyed it as least a little. :D

Peakah, haven't heard from you in a few days, You okay?? Come back Shaaaane!!

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