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Friday, March 31, 2006 

Weekend News Cruise/ Open Post

Via Drudge:

Plans for Massive Blast in Nev. Draw Fire
I know what day I plan on being on the top of the Stratosphere! If I can get pictures of it- I will... stay tuned!

That is if I don't mow down one of these ignoramouses on my way there...
Students in Las Vegas renew walkouts over immigration policy

Wash. Website Owner Wins Free Speech Case
Now this is a good precident! ...Phew...

Soft drinks pulled from shelves over cancer fear
Yikes, thankfully it wasn't the nectar of the Gods!

NASA HQ Raided In Kiddie Porn Probe
Where exactly are all those satellites pointing anyway?

Chirac Addresses Young Workers on TV
...and encourages them to all go to Mexico where they can migrate at will across the border to the USA where jobs are apparently abundant... cuz 'we won't do them'.

Councilman Raises Controversy With Nazi-Style Salute
How dare you point the the black box on the wall over my head!

Long-term mobile phone use raises brain tumor risk: study
Perhaps the monthly bill for long term mobile phone users is related?

This post to be updated as time and asanine stories allow...

Now, leave me something you wrote to lemme know you're out there...

Here's the image of the day via DPGI

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Did you check out Bear Creek Ledger (My View)? Toni has some interesting figures and pictures!

I found a bear creek ledger and added it to my blogroll but I'm not sure what post you're refering too...

The one about immigration with the picture of the two Mexicans--one giving the middle finger and the other grabbing his crotch to the camera.

Fear not!
We are out here...

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