Saturday, October 30, 2004 


McPeak's Place

Dr. Jack Wheeler, whose death-defying adventures span the globe and whose achievements have inspired wide-ranging acclaim, is one geopolitical expert who doesn't mince words.

Wheeler's latest arrows are aimed at those he calls the "anti-Bush lefties" who populate the CIA.

Referring to the people know as "Rogue Weasels" at Langley, CIA headquarters, Wheeler writes about the recent story of missing high-explosives in Iraq:

"They cooked up this entire phony 'tons of missing explosives' scandal, sweet-talked the head of the U.N.'s nuclear inspection agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, to carry their water and leak it to CBS – which drooled at the opportunity to spring the story on election eve," Wheeler writes on his unique intelligence website, To the Point. "They then briefed Kerry and prepared his instant assault on Bush once the surprise broke."

Available to subscribers of To the Point, Wheeler's piece, entitled "CIA in deep Qaqaa," goes on to discuss how "some clever pro-Bush Langley folks" got the New York Times to jump on the story, spoiling the initial plan. Wheeler says Kerry "ends up looking like the opportunist fool he is, so clueless he doesn't realize he's accusing American soldiers in Iraq of 'incredible incompetence' rather than Bush."

Now we have the emergence of an Osama bin Laden tape... If this is all he can do to hurt us is a video of his whining about how evil we are... I'd say that's proof of his neutering. I'd take an Osama tape of his bitching over a building melting and people's bodies vaporizing anyday.

Election day is almost near y'all...

Thursday, October 28, 2004 

Media Treason

McPeak's Place

It absolutely blows my mind to see what the mainstream media is able to get away with. They are nakedly attempting to steal the election for Kerry by dropping false stories that make Bush look bad. They know that the explosives in the Iraq bunker that has supposedly been looted under our military's watch were gone before we even arrived... We find out now that the Russian special forces had made a visit to that explosives site just before we invade Baghdad and took them to Syria. Hmmm... Even though this is common knowledge amongst the informed, the mainstream media assumes that you are too stupid to know this and reports it anyway to arm Kerry with more stump speech power. This is pathetic and embarrassing. Not to mention the Dan Rather scandal where he did a 60 minutes report that used forged documents that supposedly proved that Bush was AWOL in the Alabama National Guard. Nor shall I mention the books on parade all summer long that 60 minutes was so excited to promote (mostly because the books were published by the same company that airs 60 minutes... A conflict of interest maybe?) by Richard Clarke, and a bunch of other bureaucratic blowhards who came to realize that their days of coasting through life on Clinton's scandalous wings were over. It's driving me nuts... But it's ok because I predict that the American people are smarter than that. This election will be much more of a blowout by Bush than the media wants to admit. The fact that Kerry has unleashed thousands of lawyers all over the country, shows his intentions. The awful precedent set by that seditious bastard Al Gore who wanted to win at all costs... Even at the expense of our country's morale. At least Nixon had the class and understanding to concede when he lost to JFK in '68 despite knowing of all the voter fraud across the country, especially in Illinois (and mayor Daly's Chicago where thousands of dead people voted). And now we see that the DNC has told it's minions to claim voter fraud and disenfranchisement even if none exists.

Are we in America anymore or is this becoming some crazy Banana Republic? This election will push us in one of those directions. It'll be fascinating to watch but frustrating to come to the realization that we may be slowly losing our country... If we haven't already... Oligarchy anyone?


Saturday, October 23, 2004 

Voting 2004

Got the 5 kids out to the mall today to early vote... phew, glad that's over! Was listening to my baby girl scream her brains out as I navigated the touchscreen ballot. Was very well set up I may add... Plus I don't have to worry about getting to the polls on Tuesday night after work! Even got my wife to vote for her first time ever! It was a good day... We even took the kids to a remote KXNT broadcast at a nearby store to donate some money to an awesome local charity (Opportunity Village) that helps mentally challenged individuals to gain jobskills and got to say Hi to some local conservative talkers that I listen to daily.

If y'all haven't gotten out there to vote... do so soon... early voting is awesome... Unless you're voting for that seditious bastard Kerry, just do us all a favor and slit your wrists in advance. Gotta fly...

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