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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 

The Invasion of Real Life

Ok, ok... the blogging bug has got me bad but I gotta finally get some work done!
Yesterday was spent in legal meetings setting up a new business venture so the newsday completely passed me by. It'll all be worth it though in two weeks!

I'm no international celebrity but I play one on the blog-o-sphere, and seeing how I'm neither Martin Sheen or Geena Davis I can't pretend to be the President.

I've got a trip to Hawaii coming up and I need to get ahead of the game if I want to totally enjoy it and not worry about unfinished business. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it just fine regardless but having been raised Irish Catholic in NY I willingly burden myself with tons of guilt as a motivator.

I know I've met a lot of new bloggers who kindly check in on my site now, resulting in a wee bit o Ecosystem evolution (for the first time actually) and my ego is gratified on a daily basis having comments to finally read on my posts.

Yeah, I'm quite the egomaniac... like you aren't! *grin*

I look forward to cruising through the madness you've set up on your own sites in a day or two when I can take a breath from the piling workload.

Till then... tooot-a-loooo...

Oh but this I can't resist. It took everything in me to not put up that picture and assign adolescent and immature commentary.

Instead it was done by those much wittier than I...
See Insolublog.
Thanks to Dr Phat Tony for the uhhh, tip? Ewwww...

Don't worry others have picked up on it and have no shame. See insolublog or Steve the Pirate.

Now see . . . this is why Irish guys like us are so insecure. I mean, DAMN!

Thanks Peakah and Dr. Phat tony, for the link. It was quite the irresistable story.

Ha. (good one) glad I didn't miss it(^_^) ...
just pleased I'm linked above scrappelface, wizbang, and ol' instapundint. heh

ps: I hear Kadaffy, Kim Jong-il, and Fidel, are "hiding away" during your visit....
(of course separate bungalows, next to you, near the pool) (*....*)

Look, I'm not tuned into this whole blog conspiracy or gang mentality thing yet... so I'm moldable.

But I have been recently convinced that Glen Renyolds is Satan's right hand man for some reason.

Mensa: your site rocks, I don't even check those other ones anymore!

Who woulda thunk it? The Germans invented the first dildo!

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