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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

Troop Withdrawl From Iraq? They Wish

Kira Zalan may be relatively new to the blogging world but she's is clearly a veteran of common sense who clearly articulates arguments that leaves no reader dwelling in ignorance.

In today's post: Premature Withdrawal from Iraq: PR or Insanity?
She writes:
A complete withdrawal of our troops within the next few years would force Iraq into a downwards spiral towards anarchy. The bloodshed would continue until another ruthless thug comes around and kills everyone that opposes him. Then, we’d be back to square one. If you think the war is expensive now, imagine the unthinkable cost of ultimately losing Iraq.
Pay this patriot a visit and tell her Peak sent'cha!

I would definately talk to her and try to work in premature as often as possible into the conversation. Heh he said premature.

*rolling eyes*

Leave it to the Doc!

Very insightful ;-)

Thanks for the plug :-)

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