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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 


I'm currently experiencing some blogger burnout in the shadow of the catastrophy of the Gulf Coast disaster that has left me feeling numb and insignificant.

I'm flying out to Appleton, Wisconsin tomorrow morning to stand along side my Cousin as he marries his beautiful Bride to be. Selfishly I will attempt to cleanse my head in the sweet Wisconsin air while spending some romantic personal time with my beautiful wife this weekend.

Nevertheless I feel arrogantly self-centered in participating in these celebrations as those in the Gulf Coast region have all that they've lived and worked for ripped from their grasp.

I can't bring myself to mention the rage I feel when I hear morons on the left taking the opportunity to blame the Bush Administration for this natural catastrophy. 'Oh, if only the Kyoto Treaty was signed...' or, 'Oh, we're so short on National Guard because of Bush's illegal war in Iraq'... IDIOTS!!!!!

*deep breath*

Anyway, all I feel I can do at this time is link to important sites that are aiding in the effort to rescue and support our citizens in the deepest time of need. I'm sure that there are many more than I provide and better resources to find links but this is all I can think of to do at this time. Please, if you are reading this and know of any, leave the links in my comment section if you don't mind.

The Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge is on the frontlines doing all they can to aid in the effort to relieve the suffering of its community. Also Operation: Share Your Home. (Thanks to Cajun Tiger via Kara Zalan Blog)

Of course the Red Cross is on the scene as always and is always a good way to lend support.

There is always prayer. You may scoff at my suggestion but there is no hurt caused by the pleading to a higher power that I personally know exists. I've personally experienced the power of prayer in my own life as one of my boys lie dead in a hospital years ago. It will work with a contrite spirit and a pure heart. The clarity of mind following your prayer will at times point out the little things that you can do to help your hurting fellow citizen. That alone on a grand scale can move mountains... and hopefully in this case water.

As Americans we are our own best resource. We have seen some of the worst scenarios come to pass over this week but over the coming months we will also see the heart of charity beat across this nation as we rally to help our hurting brothers and sisters.

God Bless this Great Nation.

Thanks for the links, Peakah. And the advice to pray. I haven't blogged about the flooding 'cause I feel like it would be all about "me" instead of something useful like you've done.

Take lots of deep breaths, go to the wedding, and hug everybody several times. Everything's going to work out.

Thanks for the kind words gunnnutt, it is guys like you who make this country work.

As for you spammers, bug off...
'catch easter eggs game'?
Get real... grrrrr...


You might want to turn on Blogger's new "word verificiation" option on the Dashboard page. That will prevent the autospam from clogging up your comments.

Peak - Go on your trip, have fun, drink some of "the dark stuff," and take some much-needed time off blogging.

I haven't really posted about Katrina either, because 1. I'm not there, so I'd just be re-hashing other info, and 2. it's too depressing.

Peakah, Thanks for linking HPC and Share Your Home. If anyone has trouble with the HPC link, give it a few minutes b/c they are still off and on with electricity. They can also call directly at 225-753-2273 to ask how to help.

Chill, drink.
It's tough, I'm going a little crazy myself cause of all the bad news.
I think I need to reinstall HalfLife 2 back on my computer and quit reading news and moonbats sites for a while...

Amen to that!

Hi Peakah,

Just wanted to let you and your readers know of another great organization helping with relief www.prccompassion.org

Thanks a lot Cajun for the links and the updates. Our best goes to you and your family.

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