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Friday, August 26, 2005 

Hit and Miss

I haven't had the time to do much writing or reading in the ole blog-o-sphere this week, I've found a new friend, Xbox Live.

That along with a possible unhealthy appreciation of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC fights and reality show premiered its debut episode of its second season on Monday night. Talk about guilty pleasures!

Xbox Live is a blast but I'm finding myself play it when I would normally be immersed the internet blog-opolis. Thus the last thing I need (and naturally the first thing I want) for X-mas this year is the Xbox 360! Hey, you all knew I was a total geek!

Anyway, thought I'd toss out some links to those stories and bloggers who I did spend a bit of time reading this week:

First up is an excellent article found through the Savage Nation and posted up on the Newsday.com site. James P. Pinkerton reminds us that:
The withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is a study in power dynamics. Between the Israelis and Palestinians? No, between the modern military and the modern media.
Kira Zalan analyzes the next step Israel needs to take (because they're the only ones who make the moves) towards the "Peace Process". Perhaps it should really be called the "Piece Process" in reference to how broken the situation is. Without reciprocal actions from the Arab side of the equation, there's not much hope for freedom's sake.

Also posted at Savage all week was the Plantiffs 4th Amended Petition in the case of Illegal Immigrants vs. American Homeowner.

No news about the War in Iraq is complete without an update from Michael Yon. Read Gates of Fire and hold on tight. This is real, raw, uncensored journalism.

Why won't this loony toon Sheehan disappear? The media is using her to channel their thoughts on President Bush just as she claims to have the ability to channel the thoughts of her dead son.

This is a broken lady... It's sad that her ignorance is being so taken advantage of. Have you heard her ignorant statements? She may be passionate, unfortunately (for the lefties) she is not very bright. Beth breaks it down in one basic statement:
You are pathetic, anti-American, self-loathing, vile scum. Just like your jihadi comrades.
Guess what, she backs it up! Check it out...

Always on a lighter note, Dr. Phat Tony had a link to a link that had me rolling on the floor laughing...

InsoluBlog speaks insightfully on Fortune Cookies.

One of the good guys on our country's thin blue line never puts up a bad post, despite his humble self-stigmatization. If you ever had a beer with a Philly Cop fresh off duty and winding down from his day, you've hung with Wyatt Earp. Stop by and wish him well... not a good week in the Philly PD. Hang in there brother, we all owe you big time for the sacrifices you make each shift you work!

Also outta Philly, Katey takes the scenic route to work inducing a spontaneous change in hair color.

Damian moderates a fascinating meeting between Senators Hagel, Allen, Graham, and Lott. What I wouldn't give to have seen the webcast of this 'panel discussion'.

jimmyb the CUG hosts this weeks Carnival of Comedy. A link fest of posts much funnier than you'll ever find on my site!

Anyway, shameless links to many sites is my way of making up for my laziness this week in blog maintenance. Just awaiting some inspiration from the BlogGods...

Meanwhile I'm gonna fire up Madden '06 and get spanked using the Buffalo Bills. Oh, and get some work done... (boss if you're reading this, you know I'm getting it done!)

Oh man, I gotta get ahead of the game. My wife and I are flying out to Appleton, WI next weekend to be in my Cousin's wedding! Can't wait to go hang with the crazy Guinness pounding, black belt wearing, Irish wing of my awesome family. In fact, it's just what I need! Now you know why I'm fascinated with the UFC...


If it weren't for the modern media Sheehan would have disappeared. Nice to see you back Peakah. I hope your eyes don't look like the X's you see on dead cartoon characters after all that video carnage.

To quote Bart Simpson, "If you don't watch the violence, you'll never get de-sensitized to it."

I've played Xbox (and thought Halo kicked arse), but I'm a PS2 guy through and through.

BTW, mmmm . . . Guinness!

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