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Friday, August 26, 2005 

Why Didn't I Think of This?

Is this not the lefty's Utopic Guantanamo?

Seems like they're willing to intern themselves. My suggestion is that we allow them to gather inside zoo exhibits and feed them completely organic pure foods as long as that keeps them contained.

Seems like this is a much easier alternative than attempting to re-pass Sedition laws!

Besides we can classify what these dopes are doing as saving animals which is their sworn purpose in life.

All we have to do is nod and smile and say "yeah, you're saving all those animals that could be here in your place." They'll feel so proud of themselves.

Good hippy... fire bad, food good...

The hippy exhibit, all they need is a few signs bashing america and it will be complete.

Utopic Guantanamo? No they already have Guantanamo the way they want it. As this insert from MichaelYon.com “Gates of Fire” shows, The terrorist turned out to be one Khalid Jasim Nohe, who had first been captured by US forces (2-8 FA) on 21 December, the same day a large bomb exploded in the dining facility on this base and killed 22 people.

That December day, Khalid Jasim Nohe and two compatriots tried to evade US soldiers from 2-8 FA, but the soldiers managed to stop the fleeing car. Then one of the suspects tried to wrestle a weapon from a soldier before all three were detained. They were armed with a sniper rifle, an AK, pistols, a silencer, explosives and other weapons, and had in their possession photographs of US bases, including a map of this base.

That was in December.

About two weeks ago, word came that Nohe's case had been dismissed by a judge on 7 August. The Coalition was livid. According to American officers, solid cases are continually dismissed without apparent cause. Whatever the reason, the result was that less than two weeks after his release from Abu Ghraib, Nohe was back in Mosul shooting at American soldiers.

I think their Utopia should be over in Masule or Baghdad, The terrorist would feed them, take care of them, trim there heads when they get to big.

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