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Thursday, September 15, 2005 

Bolton Bumrushing Beaurocrats

To those who thought that the recess appointment of John Bolton as top US diplomat to the UN was going to create chaos, the recent proceedings at the current UN summit proves otherwise.

He's proven to be quite flexible despite his rigid demeanor and the media hype, not to mention the moonbat lefty bloggers who insisted that he would further isolate US policy from the rest of the world, which portrayed him as a trigger happy fly off the handle yosemite sam type.

When that accusation was made, I jumped for joy. It was about time someone from the US went into the UN to clean house. There's no doubt that the place is as corrupt as Louisiana's Statehouse.

The Telegraph announces that:
After years of paying out, the party is over
By Francis Harris

For decades America has treated the United Nations like a difficult adolescent. The UN filled its debating chambers with anti-American rhetoric and fired off a stream of angry resolutions supporting gun-toting liberation movements.

Mr Bolton, like many US conservatives, notes that Washington is paying 23 per cent of the UN's bills. Its $3 billion (£1.7 billion) a year contribution funds 48 per cent of the UN's World Food Programme and 41 per cent of the UN High Commission for Refugees.

America feels that its dollars buy it the right to make the case for reform. Only last week the UN was described as incompetent, corrupt and in urgent need of change by the Volcker commission, the organisation's own report into the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal.

Elsewhere in the organisation, Washington looks on enraged as countries such as China and Cuba are voted on to the UN's human rights commission. America is appalled too by the UN bureaucracy, where staff are appointed according to nationality and where pay aims to match that of the most generous member state.

Yet few UN civil servants are ever held to account, as the oil-for-food report underlined. Even before it was published, Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, said: "I don't anticipate anyone resigning." No one did, despite blistering attacks on named staff including Mr Annan himself.
Yeah, the current UN Summit is still talking about fighting Terrorism.

The fact that Kofi Annan has yet to be forced out of his position is further proof of UN's incestuous relationships.

I've long advocated the removal of the UN's Headquarters from NYC to be restationed in it's field of dreams... Paris.

(Linked with Basil's Supper, Radioactive Liberty's Open Post, and Mudville's Open Post)

I don't remember what lefty rag I read the Yosemite Sam comments, but all I remember thinking was, "That would be so Cool!"

Annan – “We hate the Americans and the Jews!”

Bolton – “BANG! BANG! BANG!”

Annan – “WTF?”

I'm going to have to reserve my cheers until I see concrete verifiable results.

Ty: Wouldn't that be kewl... I remember hearing that Bolton thought that we could eliminate everything in the UN building from floor 10 up and nothing would change...

Insol: Yeah, but I can dream can't I?

Steve the Pirate has a blog community for "US out of the UN" if'n you want to join us.

Ahhh, been wonderin where that originated! Thanks Gunn!

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